Katastro Drop Danceable “One Day” Ahead of ‘Sucker’ Album

Katastro is determined to soundtrack your summer with “One Day,” a tropical-esque track about a back-and-forth relationship. “One Day” is the newest offering from their upcoming sixth album, Sucker – fans have already heard, and fallen in love with, tracks like “100 Rips,” “Way Too High,” and “The Way I Feel.”

The Phoenix-based group – comprised of vocalist Andy Chaves, guitarist Tanner Riccio, bassist Ryan Weddle, and drummer Andrew Stravers – draw inspiration from rock, hip-hop, and reggae to create a fun sound that’s destined to birth your next favorite song. If it’s not already your top-played song this week, it’s about to earn a spot on your favorite playlist:

“‘One Day’ kind of crept up on us,” Chaves admits. “I remember not having any lyrics and just some melody ideas. No one really thought this one would make the cut for the album. Ryan, Matt Keller (our producer), and I sat down and wrote the lyrics to it and tracked it in less than two hours. I’m glad we went back to it and finished it because it’s one of my favorites on the album.”

Check out “One Day” on your favorite streaming services now and presave Sucker ahead of its July 16th release! You can also connect with Katastro on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website.

(c) Chris Colclasure

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