I started this movie expecting, and admittedly wanting, some silly dumb romantic comedy featuring two of the hottest stars of the mid-2000s. But that is not what I got. That’s not what I got at all.

I mean, first of all, Kristen Dunst, the female lead, doesn’t get any significant screen time until almost an hour into the movie. Which is crazy.

Secondly, this movie isn’t the romantic comedy I expected because it really isn’t a romantic comedy. Sure, there is a romance plot and comedic moments, but I’d hardly classify it as a romantic comedy.

This movie is about a guy (Orlando Bloom) who gets fired after losing his company almost a billion dollars. He then is about to kill himself when he gets a call from his sister saying their dad just died while out of town visiting family. So, then Orlando Bloom has to travel to his dad’s home town to retrieve the body while meeting his extended family for the first time, all while fully planning to still kill himself when he gets back home.

I was expecting the classic “he’s a busy business man and she’s a free spirit..” romantic comedy crap. Instead I got a really heart felt and moving story of a man learning to appreciate life again and falling in love while mourning the loss of his father that he never truly got to know.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie. It’s good. But oh boy, it’s not exactly what I was planning to watch on a Monday after a long day hoping to unwind.

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