Immersive La Ferme Pop-Up Market Opens in East Hampton

Now that New York City is reopening as summer excitement comes to a peak, there are countless adventures to explore in the coming months. In East Hampton, lifestyle brands Alimentari Flâneur, Dada Daily, and Ruby are teaming up to curate La Ferme, a pop-up market that opened June 10th and aims to bring the Mediterranean to the Big Apple. 

The market takes place at Bhumi Farms over the next few months, creating a limited experience you can’t miss on your next trip to the Hamptons. As Dada Daily’s founder Claire Olshan puts it, it’s the perfect place for those who “want to add a bit of magic to a summer evening with friends.” 

The vendor list is ever-changing, and future vendors will be announced on the La Ferme Instagram page. Their opening weekend vendors include Regina’s Grocery, Café Integral, and Send Olives, while Alimentari Flâneur offers artisanal products and produce like figs, Dada Daily showcases their unique tablewares and snacks, and Ruby sets up a “Rubyverse bookstand” offering their healthy hibiscus water.

La Ferme will be open every Thursday to Sunday through September at Bhumi Farms in East Hampton, from 11 to 6. And if you can’t make it there in person, you can simulate the experience with the market’s playlist! 

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