Kinect Weighs In at Out of This World Locations

Ever since the Cold War, people have dreamed about the possibility of going into outer space, but imagine the ability to fly to space with the richest man on earth. That is just the case with one anonymous bidder who has forked over $28 million dollars for a seat on Blue Origin’s New Shepard Suborbital vehicle with Bezos.

Other people aboard the flight include Bezos’s brother, Mark Bezos. According to Blue Origin, the money given in the auction “will be donated to [it’s] foundation ‘Club for the Future’ which seeks to promote STEM careers amongst future generations and help invent the future of life in space”. Over 7,600 people bid on the seat.

According to reporter Jody Serrano, the New Shepard flight “will not go into Earth’s orbit, but rather the reigion beyond the Karman Line, a boundary at an altitude exceeding 62 miles that technically qualifies as a suborbital space”. The flight plans to last approximately 11 minutes from the time period entering space.

While Blue Origin has not revealed the name of the bidder, they say that they will soon. “The whole Blue Origin team cannot wait to meet our first customer. They’re going to join Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark on this historic human flight on New Shepard in just five weeks. July 20th is going to be an experience of a lifetime,” says director Araine Cornell. “To say that we are humbled is an incredible understatement.”

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