MindTravel Brings an Immersive Musical Experience to Central Park

If you’re looking for something to do in New York City this week, MindTravel has just the thing: a relaxing evening in Central Park accompanied by gentle piano music. Musician Murray Hidary founded MindTravel after music helped him heal from witnessing his sister’s death, and aims to help others through his meditative piano pieces.

A Brooklyn native, Hidary started playing piano at age six and later went on to major in Music and Composition at the prestigious New York University. During MindTravel shows, his piano playing is broadcasted into headphones each audience member is given, making the experience more immersive while allowing listeners to meditate and reflect. 

“While I identified with being a tech entrepreneur, I have never felt the level of fulfillment that I do now through MindTravel,” Hidary told Authority Magazine. “That is, moving people to purpose through music. I’ve shared this live experience with over 100,000 people, coast to coast and around the world, and I feel like we’re just getting started. I’ve seen people of every socio-economic status, race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender and sexual orientation awaken. Awaken to who they truly are or who they forgot they were.”

MindTravel will be in Central Park on June 23rd from 7-9 pm, and you can get your tickets here!

(c) MindTravel

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