Laura Marano reimagines her October 2020 YOU EP with a deluxe edition featuring remixes of every song, inviting artists like PLTO and and Poe Leos to breathe new life into six tracks. Starting with the spoken opener “You,” the project describes different relationships intimately and thoughtfully, taking a more mature departure from her Disney days while maintaining what fans loved about her on Austin and Ally: her ability to embody these stories and spark interest while staying genuine and true to herself.

“These songs have been a part of me for years, and finally being able to finish this chapter feels strange, sad, but also a bit liberating,” Marano shares. “The whole YOU EP is centered on telling another perspective of the [stories] I told in my ME EP, and I became obsessed with continuing that theme. I worked with some amazing artists (Jean Deaux, Mark Diamond, and Alextbh, to name a few), and began creating other versions of the original songs, letting the artists I worked with give their side and ‘version’ of the story. I have been able to explore and live with these songs in a way that has been so creatively fulfilling, and I have learned to look at them with a perspective I couldn’t have imagined when I was writing them.”

While the star-studded roster adds more dimension to the project, the standout, full-circle moments on the EP are tender songs with people even closer to her heart, including seven fans who provide vocals for “Something to Believe In.”

“[My fans] were such an integral part of this whole era,” Marano says. “They have helped me in some fashion during each release, and for the final release of this era, they helped in the biggest way possible. The remix version of ‘Something to Believe In’ actually features a few of my fans who sent in recordings of them singing the song. Both this version and the [THOM] remix of ‘Run,’ which actually features the person I wrote the song for singing it with me, are the last two pages of this YOU chapter.”

The original YOU EP has been one of the crowning moments of Marano’s career, amassing over 1.3 million streams and garnering support from outlets like Billboard and Live Nation. She even performed the hit “Honest With You” on MTV’s Fresh Out Live in May:

You can find Laura Marano’s YOU Deluxe on your favorite streaming services now, and connect with Marano on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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