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In the 2020s, especially after the impact of COVID, more jobs have sprung up providing for more opportunities. The pandemic had led to an increase in unemployment especially as people had feelings of uncertainty searching for work. As a result, new jobs have been available, some of rich provide heavy pay for practically no effort. Business analyst Madison Hoff provides a few examples:

Technical Writers:  For those with writing or communication Degrees, transferring information between parties is quite a light job, whether through writing or spoken word. Creating information is also quite light and involves minimal movement. According to Hoff, over 4,300 technical writing positions will be open this year with an annual average salary of $78,590

Environmental Scientists: Climate change has been a trending topic and this is where environmental scientists shine through. Those with biology degrees can explore nature and take action to benefit the environment such as cleaning up polluted areas and working with Industrial buildings to generate ideas to prevent waste. This job dos not require quick movement and, according to Hoff, there are over 7,100 positions available with an annual average salary of over $80,000

Financial Examiners: Some may complain that working in a cubicle or office can be quite mundane, but nobody can deny how effortless it is. Ensuring that borrowers are being treated fairly, while a heavy responsibility, mostly requires sitting in an air-conditioned office, reviewing balance sheets. According to Hoff, there are over 4,900 financial examiner positions opening up and the average salary is $92,730

Philosophy Teacher: Philosophy mainly involves reality as we know it, so extraverts would truly benefit from being philosophy teachers. Topics to discuss would include Empiricism, feminism, and racism which are more than prevalent in today’s society, allowing for easy research. According to Hoff, there are 2,100 positions available with a $90,160 annual salary. Bonus points for being a philosophy Professors as professors can end class whenever they wish.

Programmers: Writing code involves minimal movement, except with your fingers. While ensuring the proper syntax is used can be stressful, it is effortless if you take your time. What’s more is that the programming world is quite diverse with languages ranging from Python to Java to CSS. Currently, Hoff notes that there are 5,000 programming positions available, but this will rise rapidly as technology advances. The annual average salary is over $140,000

Lifeguards: According to most lifeguards on duty, their intervention is quite rare with only about 1 intervention per week, if even that. Therefore, sitting in a chair with a nice view of the beach is quite a relaxing job with decent pay. Since many beaches have been closed last year, about 6,500 lifeguard positions are available with a somewhat small but respective annual average salary of $40,000

Political Scientists: For Political Science Degrees, this is your chance to shine. Studying and reporting the politics and economy of the world is an important job that can even inspire those such as technical writers and environmental scientists. Studying foreign relations requires minimal effort and can also be interesting for some. Hoff states that 400 positions are open for political scientists with an average annual salary of $124,100.

Hoff notes that jobs like these “do not take into account changes due to the pandemic, but they may give some indication of job growth in these lower stress work environments that are also well paying”. So before these positions are filled, start applying for these jobs so you could be considered. You may just have an effortless future ahead of you!

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