Kamala Harris has taken more prominence in Executive Branch affairs than most Vice Presidents of the past. Today we’re going to take a look at her astrology chart to get a better understanding of her inner workings.

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Kamala Harris
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Kamala Harris is one of the more interesting characters in politics in recent years. She has quite a few quirks and character traits which set her apart. This has made her quite polarizing, a la Trump, though with a decidedly different flair.

But what we’re interested in today is her character. In politics, it is an easy target to say that someone is evil, manipulative, or a “political animal.” And as we do in astrology, we look to the most bedrock of internal personal processes. However, as with all astrology, there is no such thing as “bad,” only a shadow expression or light expression of the same planetary energies.

So, is Kamala a cold, calculating, opportunistic monster? Or is she a misunderstood, hard-hitting, trailblazing woman? Let’s go on the deep dive to see.

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Diving deep
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As a disclaimer, I always like to point out that what I will cover in this article is not an exhaustive list of Harris’ chart aspects. I will choose the most prominent positions I find to be pertinent and expound upon them.

First things first: Kamala was born on a full moon. This aspect is a classically explosive one, and one that is common in the charts of bipolar disorder sufferers. The “opposition” at 180 degrees is the second most powerful angle in astrology, next to the conjunction. And a full moon carries a special power all of its own.

But with Sun opposite Moon, we get the ego and emotions at odds. It does not surprise me at all that Donald Trump also has this aspect. If you pay attention to their behaviors, you can see that they share this trait. Further, being born on a full moon often indicates that the person will be of some importance or consequence.

But it is the eccentric nature which I find to be the most noticeable. Their humor is a little off, and their need for happiness is projected outside of the self. This can make them a little awkward, and I think many would agree that Kamala comes across as a bit sideways.

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But it is Kamala’s communication, that characteristic nervous laughter, that most identify her with. And I’ve got the answer for that right here: Mercury opposite Moon. Yes, for every little oddity and twitch, there is indeed an astrological explanation.

Mercury opposite Moon is exactly how you might imagine it is. Her communication and her emotions don’t match. She can’t seem to get it right. She has a tone deaf sense of humor and doesn’t know when to not laugh at something which is entirely inappropriate. And it is at the most inappropriate time that she will be sure to roar with the Kamala cackle.

But, more importantly is that her inner world is in conflict. She can’t seem to get what she thinks is logical in synch with her emotions. And until she examines this tension, it will continue to put her in situations which are compromising to herself.

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Inner tension
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However, I must cover what explains her success. And that is a little more complicated than purely one aspect. It is the “Midheaven,” which sits at high noon in our charts, that governs our interaction with the public and our career. It is where most movie stars nearly always have a planet of some kind sitting and operating. Kamala is no exception.

Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline, delays, and time, is parked directly atop Harris’ Midheaven. This is actually very fortunate. Although Saturn can cause problems, he also is very generous with rewards, especially if we do what he asks. And that is to put in the work. If we pass his tests and brave the drudgery of tasks, he will hand us something that cannot be taken away. In this case, he has handed Kamala the gift of being seen by the public; fame.

However, this isn’t the whole story. Jupiter, the god of expansion, is also in a square with the Midheaven. And whatever Jupiter touches he blows up like a balloon. This has certainly been the case for Kamala. But it also brings with it an arrogance that rubs people the wrong way because Jupiter is in a contentious square of 90 degrees to this point. People view this ambition as selfishness and preachiness, often at the expense of others. Yet, if she can learn to temper her lust for success, she may yet do the world some good.

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Fortune and fame
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Yet, it is this last aspect that is most worrying in Kamala Harris’ chart. That of Venus conjunct Pluto. Of all things the gods have bestowed on her, this one has the most palpable effect on her political life, and that is saying a lot. It is hard to say one aspect over another is more important simply because, all things being equal, astrologers try not to play favorites with a single aspects as each person is no less than the sum of their parts and more.

But, Venus conjunct Pluto is a position that brings with it a power hungry nature. Pluto is the god of the dead, the god of power, the god of magnetism, the god of manipulation. While Venus, the goddess of attraction, the goddess of pleasure, the goddess of seduction, the goddess of feminine, indirect wiles and wisdom. Venus is also wealth, yet curiously, so is Pluto in a different sense. And when two planets are conjunct, they fuse to form a new planetary energy all their own. Combining these two is a dangerous combination. Each amplifying the other.

And while the allure of power is strong for the individual, the impact of such an individual on the group can be astoundingly sinister if in tandem with a selfish character. Venus conjunct Pluto is considered a very Karmic aspect, meaning that it is the result of a potent set of circumstances which precede one’s current lifetime; often negative. Kamala Harris’ search for power has already been granted, but the question is, will it be satisfied? And, is she aware of its price? Time will tell.

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I do my best to remain as objective as possible in my interpretations. Yet, certain arrays of astrological alignments lend themselves to particular conclusions, given the archetypal forces of the planets involved and their manifestations through an observable personality. I will admit that my analysis of Vice President Harris is maybe a little bleak. But that does not mean she is a bad person, nor that I precisely think of her as one. All of us have the potential to rise at any given moment to our true potential. And, my hope is that she walks her highest path so that all citizens of the USA can benefit from her time in office.

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