World Of Podcasts: On The Ground Level By For Us Nation

A non-profit club for the woke millennial and those who support them. Tahyira and Ashley own For Us Nation, and launched a podcast to engage more storytelling in their community.

The Importance of Protecting Women On The Ground Level

On The Ground Level Ep. 8 Welcome to On The Ground Level Thank you everyone for tuning in. Please follow us on social media. @forusnation And on Patreon at Spotify:… And go check out our website and subscribe to our mailing list ForUsNation.Com and RSVP for our upcoming Meetup on July 19th About Perky and you can follow my social media @perkysexycool and @perkyperspectives You can also find guidance with your wellness journey through @LovePeriodLLC Also check my campaign to raise funds to send feminine hygiene kits to women and girls in need through the link in bio About Tahyira @iletthegoodtimesroll Writer, Activist, Entrepreneur youtube producer Tahyira’s Show – Lifestyle talks and trends Live Hangouts: Tahyira Keeps It Too Reel Podcast for Black mental health Twitter @TAsterisk About Our Guest Today Sumumba @sumumba_sobukwe S.S. “SUMUMBA SOBUKWE” NEELY, BSW, is an Experienced organizer, social worker, seminar leader, consultant and author. He is the founder and creator of THE MAAT SERIES, a consulting and educational organization that specializes in personal and professional development workshops, trainings, consultations and facilitation. He has creator over 70 workshops and trainings and has delivered his services to thousands across the city and in several states. Sumumba Sobukwe is also the co-creator of Occu-Evolve, which is currently among the longest running and most active groups within the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Please find more information through the website. Questions: What does protecting a woman look like to you? What inspired you to work in this field of interest? Is there any example of an incident surrounding a women’s right to safety that you feel really affected you? 3.Is there any advice that you can give to men who have considered violence against women whether it be physical, financial, or emotional? Can you describe your relationship to mental health and how this relates to your interactions with women? In what ways do you advocate for your community? This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
  1. The Importance of Protecting Women
  2. On The Ground Level: Gen-Z and Mental Health Realness
  3. Perky Speaks on Affirmations and Mindfulness | Spotify Greenroom
  4. Tahyira Shares Juneteenth Realities | Spotify Greenroom
  5. S1E6 – On The Ground Level: Mya's World Press

RSVP for their monthly meet-ups which takes place in Brooklyn and Los Angeles respectively.

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We Are Dedicated To The Underground Community of Talent….

The RedEyeMediaGroup strives to reach the underground community as it pertains to marketing, public relations, event planning, and talent management. They also believe that it is important to give back and all of their work involves heavily into contributing to not for profit causes. They believe that with the proper tools talent at any level can reach their full potential.


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