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Willy Christian Praise Kiyogera (born September 1st, 1998) better known as Praise, is an American filmmaker, entrepreneur, author, producer, writer, youtuber, journalist & radio host. He became an author, publishing two books, known as Stampede Heights (2015) and Saints Of Vegas (2016) as a teenager. He has since become a screenwriter after years of self teaching. He began making shorts for P98, a company he co-founded with his childhood friend and filmmaking partner. Most notably films like P98’s Blue Birds and P98’s Waltz Of The Flower. He also runs a podcast known as Anchor Movie Talk. Whilst also running a Youtube channel one being PraiseK3000 which focuses on gaming primarily, as well as his second channel known as PraiseK3000 Let’s Review which focuses on primarily taking a more in depth look at media. He also currently writes for the website News In Progress.

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