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Willy Christian Praise Kiyogera (born September 1st, 1998) better known as Praise, is an American filmmaker, entrepreneur, author, producer, writer, youtuber, journalist & radio host. He became an author, publishing two books, known as Stampede Heights (2015) and Saints Of Vegas (2016) as a teenager. He has since become a screenwriter after years of self teaching. He began making shorts for P98, a company he co-founded with his childhood friend and filmmaking partner. Most notably films like P98’s Blue Birds and P98’s Waltz Of The Flower. He also runs a podcast known as Anchor Movie Talk. Whilst also running a Youtube channel one being PraiseK3000 which focuses on gaming primarily, as well as his second channel known as PraiseK3000 Let’s Review which focuses on primarily taking a more in depth look at media. He also currently writes for the website News In Progress.

An Ode To Vaudeville

Everyone almost forgets how young cinema is. Before we had big blockbusters or small independent films. We had an era before all where only silence reigned and the artists that led the charge would pioneer and era of filmmaking unlike anything the world ever knew and haven’t seen since. The silent film era is one…

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Long before the dawn of time humans have told stories for as long as weve existed. Tales and folks gathered around the campfire or scribes that leave their memories within caves and pyramids. Eventually citizens would travel far and wide with their friends and family to see actors perform live dramatizations creating a new style…