Free Guy (2021) – A Zany Blockbuster With A Big Heart

Courtesy of Disney/Fox

Funny! Wholesome! with a bit of Zany thrown in, to create a wonderfully robust picture. By somehow leaning into the madness while still showing its heart and humanity despite the chaos that plays throughout the film.

Courtesy Of Fox/Disney

There’s a lot to like about this movie. From its wild world building to it’s stellar cast and amazing story. However all of it starts at the top with director Shawn Levy (Stranger Things, Real Steel)who knocks it out of the park with his exquisite direction here by leaning full into the concept without treating it like a gimmick all while still keeping focus on what keeps the audience so engaged it’s relation to the characters, the uniqueness of the story lends itself to a multitude of re-watches to come. The story was told very abrasively but knew when to slow it down to take a breath, the roundabout way it weaves its themes make it shine even more than it should and the writers here Zak Penn (The Avengers, Ready Player One) and Matt Liberman who also wrote the story just did an amazing job at keeping the writing smooth and in tone with the rest of the film. Moving on to the last leg of everything would be the performances, Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) headstrong, vibrant is the best way to describe her work here as although I’ve never seen her work before this she’s definitely a name we’ll be hearing more of as time goes along and speaking of up and coming stars we also have another Stranger Things Alum joining Levy, in Joe Keery (Stranger Things, Spree) who plays a coder who tries to come to terms with things that he’s done while trying to do what he can to do the right thing, Keery’s fun yet every man like quality makes him a shoe-in for future starring roles, both are standouts in the film, and so is Taika Waititi (Boy, Thor Ragnarok, Jojo Rabbit) who doesn’t get to do much but abosutely steals every scene he’s in, while poking fun at our presumptions of what we perceive studio executives and other entertainment enterprises. Last but not least is Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Hitmans Bodyguard) who gives his portrayal of the innocent yet heroic and sly “Guy” brings the film to a level that makes it work in all the right ways. Reynolds work here is different than what we’ve seen in the way it he goes about it because he’s playing such a unique character that’s out of his element but courageously going where no NPC has gone before in earnest in honesty with every line and every action. Making this film a must see.

This movie delivered on its promise and more. It was a film that could’ve been just good but ended up being better than that. I am so happy I got to watch it in theaters and would recommend you all to check it out as well.

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