Long before the dawn of time humans have told stories for as long as weve existed. Tales and folks gathered around the campfire or scribes that leave their memories within caves and pyramids. Eventually citizens would travel far and wide with their friends and family to see actors perform live dramatizations creating a new style of entertainment at a place called a theater which eventually evolved over time when someone found a way to assort pictures into a properly organized motion of movement to create cinema which would evolve into the movie going experience we have now.

Its safe to say that weve had a super weird year that’s reminded us of what we love and why we love it, which has brought me time to reflect on my journey with the movies…

Ever since I was a kid ive always loved going to the movies. My first movie theater experience is a bit foggy but from what I’ve been told it took me some time to get used to going to the movies. However to understand what I mean let me take you back to the year 2001 when the very first lord of the rings movie had came out. My parents had just arrived in America and before going to the cinema most of what I watched comprised of Disney renaissance era films, family films and wwe. The time had finally came and my dad had heard from his co workers a big film had just come out with great buzz  following suit and with that he took myself at 2 year old and my older brother at 4 year old should go see the film The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring. As he carried me in one arm and while guiding my brother with the other while my brother held a bucket of popcorn and a drink we all sat down, the trailers played the lights grew dim and then the movie began as soon as it did I began to cry.(Its safe to say I wasn’t a huge fan of the loud noises or look of the ogres) that plagues the prologue, understanding this my dad had took me and my brother out of theater.

Eventually one year later he would try his hand at taking us to another film that would make its way to theaters, that picture would be Spider-Man 2. Now when I went to go see this, I was absolutely taken by every golden frame of that film, when I was young I remember feeling so happy, a little scared and filled with wonder of the thought of this super hero being real. I walked out loving what I had seen and thought to myself whatever i just felt now, I want to feel it again. Although the film initiated my love of the movie going experience I would be fortunate and lucky enough to experience a bevy of more once in a lifetime cinematic experiences with friends, family and other loved ones.

From the blockbusters of the marvel cinematic universe movies, to the fast and furious franchise, as well as the star wars sequel trilogy or the more smaller intimate films such as Shoplifters, The Wolf Of Wall Street,Boy, Moonlight, JoJo RabbitOnce Upon A Time In Hollywood and especially Parasite. Im glad to have been able to experience so many of these film and many more that I didnt have time to highlight here.

Once the theaters had closed it was a major shock to my system. Although very understandable time has moved forward and with this pandemic finally starting to make its way in our rear view and more people getting vaccinated everyday we seem to be heading back to a relatively new normal. For me, the new normal would become the old with the theaters slowly re opening. I would make my return and open the door to be hit by the smell of popcorn and the sound of the big screen projector that plays trailers for upcoming films. Taking a moment I stood with a smile ear to happy to return home (despite the changes made to adhere to covid protocols) everything in that moment made me appreciate something I had took for granted all this time.

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