1917 (2019) is movie set in World War 1 about two soldiers racing to the front lines to try and prevent a doomed attack. Overall, the movie is incredible, but I want to talk about once scene in particular. So, spoilers ahead.

Chills. Every time. Chills. I remember seeing this scene in theaters, the whole room was dead silent. No one even dared munch on popcorn, in fear of ruining the atmosphere.

For context, if you haven’t seen the movie and also don’t care about spoilers. This scene follows a very stressful scene of the main character trying to sneak through a city under siege, trying to avoid German soldiers, bullets, explosions, everything. Only to jump into a river to escape but ends up almost drowning. The scene picks up when he finally is able to get back on land.

The scene starts with silence. The wind blowing in the trees. Then, a faint voice can be heard in the distance. And, it’s singing. The main character follows the sound. We hear the wind and the faint singing. As the main character gets closer, the singing gets louder, and the wind gets quieter. Until, finally, we hear nothing but the singing. No wind, no music underneath. Just the song. And, it’s beautiful. A single, calm, peaceful moment, in a film full of stressful action.

It’s beautiful.

And I love it.

I hope you do too.

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