Stepping into the Digital Age with Losers’ Newest EP | Listen To The Interview Here

Founded in 2007, the British alt-rock trio Losers recently made waves following a five year hiatus. With the release of their new EP, EP01, headed by the “tempo electro rock” single “Fool Anyone”, the band has discovered a new voice and aesthetic by reconnecting with their older work.

Cover art for EP01 by Losers

Following their 2016 album, How to Ruin Other People’s Futures, Losers found themselves in a dark place that required some creative divergence. “We decided,” band member Paul Mullen explained, “to take stock of everything and have a bit of a break.” Years later, the band has been struck by inspiration to rework old tracks into something new.

“Sometimes, in an album it all has to sort of fit in a way so it all makes sense…with that process tracks get left behind, and they’re good tracks but they just don’t fit the aesthetic concept.” Mullen continued. “It’s just been great…to go back and revisit these things in a new light with a nice fresh approach.”

When handling tracks, some nearly eight years old, in this new context, Losers finds themselves evolved as artists and shaped by a changing cultural landscape. “I’ve always been a bit scared of social media and technology really.” Mullen admitted, “A bit of a dinosaur that way.”

Tom Bellamy and Paul Mullen of LOSERS (hi-res)
Photo credit: Ben Madle

An overarching theme of EP01, most prominently featured in “Fool Anyone” and its accompanying music video, is the ability to fall victim to media manipulation. It discusses the increasing necessity for thoughtful, conscious, and deliberate cogitation in an age of virtual over-saturation. Through its lyricism and video visuals, the EP actively urges viewers to critically analyze rather than blindly believe the hysteria contemporary media and news coverage often welcome.

Despite these songs’ origins lying in the earlier 2010’s, they’ve been shaped and molded by more recent personal and social experiences of the past year. As Mullen states, “The difficulty is, if you leave a track for let’s say sixth months, something will happen in your life…and you’ll have a different idea of that track. Of course you’ll want to change it because you’ve changed.”

Overall Mullen, and the Losers’ team, are excited for the future that this amalgamation of the past and present represent. “These tracks are all beautiful misfits that haven’t found their place before, and they deserve their own space and time. We’re going to have a lot of fun exploring them and going deeper.” Mullen concluded.

Check out our full conversation with LOSERS’ Paul Mullen and their press release below.

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