As if The Funklabb’s anthem “Pretty Please,” featuring Myah Marie, Ruba, Young Dinero Banks, and Sarina the Violin Diva, wasn’t already out of this world, the group released a vibrant, intergalactic music video for the track that sees the artists trying to escape an alien abduction. After a Star Wars inspired prologue, Myah Marie voyages through a landscape of bright colors, martian prosthetics, and metallic textures while using her voice to distract her captors while she sneaks away.

“When The Funklabb sent me the track for ‘Pretty Please,’ I was so thrilled,” Myah Marie shares. “The track was undeniably fun and catchy without any topline on it! I was inspired right away and wrote it pretty quickly. This one is just about being super into someone and just coming out and saying it! As a woman, in my experience, sometimes it’s hard for us to admit we like someone or we have this fear of coming on ‘too strong’ or being perceived as ‘crazy,’ and with this concept I kind of wanted to play with really just being upfront and admitting my interest. I love this video because it’s so campy and crazy.”

Directed by Deathcats, the video is a follow-up to the flashy clip for “Mama Said No,” The Funklabb’s previous collaboration with Myah Marie. At the end of “Mama Said No,” Myah gets picked up by a UFO while laying on a rooftop. 

The duo behind The Funklabb, Ed Lawson and Wes Davis, met nearly thirty years ago and have already worked with the likes of Will Smith and The Notorious B.I.G. This year, they’re focusing on independently releasing their own collaborations with up-and-coming artists, allowing them to exercise their talents and expertise while lifting others’ voices. 

“We developed this track specifically for Myah with a live feel in mind using horns, live strings, and bass, knowing she would definitely complete that vision,” Wes Davis explains. “Myah killed it again! ‘Pretty Please’ also features Ruba, who brought a taste of his giant personality to the track, and Young Dinero Banks, who puts the exclamation point on the joint with his dope verse!”

You can find “Pretty Please” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know The Funklabb on Instagram, Twitter, and their official website.

(c) Paulo Cesar Salazar

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