Tennis System Discusses Self-Exploration in a Pandemic on “Dizzy”

Drawing from the best elements of pop-punk and indie rock while still feeling genuine and introspective, Tennis System’s “Dizzy” proves his ability to connect with audiences in a time of isolation and loneliness. Inspired by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and self-exploration, the track describes worrisome feelings without weighing too heavily on the listener, making it relatable in both a post-quarantine world and the pre-pandemic reality we once knew.

“‘Dizzy’ is about the time I had during the pandemic to reflect on myself,” Matty Taylor, who performs as Tennis System, shares. “I used that time to really dive deep inside me and decide what I wanted out of life, or what’s left of it. The video for ‘Dizzy’ is meant to show my perspective of the day of a show. The things I typically do the day of a show, from the Yerba mate I drink to the tacos I eat. How I find peace before the chaos.”

The authentic track is the latest offering from Autophobia, Tennis System’s first album since 2019’s Lovesick. With help from fellow singer-songwriter Chadwick Johnson, the record, which is named after the fear of being alone, tackles finding yourself in such a trying time during the pandemic.

“You [could] see the desperation,” Taylor says of 2020. “Relationships were falling apart. You saw people doing Instagram Live every day just to feel a connection to people, to feel relevant, to fulfil some craving to not be alone. It’s autophobia in and of itself.”

You can find “Dizzy” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Tennis System on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

(c) Marcus Russell Price

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