Lighting up the Music Scene with Soleil’s “Loves to Blame”

Soul and R&B singer Soleil has been impassioned about music her entire life. Born to musically inclined parents, she was directed towards piano and voice lessons in her childhood, and by high school found herself well versed in multiple instruments and vocal facets.

“In high school I was a chorus kid all throughout…and then in college I was in a traditional choir, gospel choir, acapella group etc.” She explains. The start of her professional career saw her working as a cover artist for a variety of events from corporate parties to weddings. In 2018 though, Soleil solidified the foundations of her team which has taken her down the solo career she now pursues.

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“In 2018 I met my team and I started working with them to produce and release some original music.” Soleil states. Her unique sound is inspired by other soul artists and powerful singers with similarly deep, sultry vocals. “I love Brent Faiyaz and his entire production team…and I’m obsessed with that whole kind of sound, kind of neo/alternative R&B…Otherwise, I listen to a ton of Amy Winehouse…Erykah Badu…Christina Aguilera…of course all of the pop greats!” She continues.

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Although these artists help to inspire her, Soleil is entirely an original entity unique to herself. “To me ‘Soleil’ is the best version of myself. It’s like, I’m not going to accept any BS on stage. I’m going to show up with the best musicians, I’m always going to put on a great show,” She begins, “It’s when I can express my talent, not only as a singer-songwriter, but also with vocal production, creative direction, composition, the whole thing.” Named Emily at birth, she found the stage name ‘Soleil’ after being nicknamed by a former music director of hers. Being part French herself, she embraced the sun inspired nickname and all that it stood for.

Photo Credit:Lea Grandvalet Studer (@imagemephotography)

With her newest single ‘Loves to Blame’, Soleil finds herself taking on new sound, in contrast to her prior releases. “Love usually has this positive connotation…blame comes with this negative connotation so it’s like, how can we mix the two…Out of the six or seven (songs) that we wrote, that was just the stand out song…It was a total protect of storytelling, recollection, and how those things make you feel.” She states. “The song encapsulates my attitude towards life right now. It’s a fun song, it’s vibrant, upbeat…especially with my own growth and transformation in this past year I’ve been feeling really good and grateful for…these opportunities.”

“I don’t like to ever be limited in who I work with or my sound.” Soleil begins, “For myself as an artist I think I’m pretty versatile and…as we were creating these songs…we were kind of just experimenting.” With a slew of singles spanning across multiple genres and vast practice as a cover artist, it is no surprise that Soleil’s future projects also incorporate great diversity across the music scene.

With an R&B collaboration album on the horizon, and new singles to release monthly through next year, Soleil still has a lot to give to the music industry. With each new endeavor, she finds herself learning and growing in her music production talents and abilities, and cannot wait to see where she is led next. “I have the goal, the vision, and the purpose, but I’m not married to how I get there…I believe in having an abundant life and so it’s just what can I do to get there, and I’m always open to anything.” Soleil concludes.

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