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Dedicated to myself and other young black women!

I am Black.

The darkest color on the wheel; The complete absorption of light.

And despite the color I may lack,

I will always be unapologetically Black.

I am defined by history.

I am defined by diversity.

Black Trans Lives Matter Protests. (2020.)

I am defined by flashbacks.

Track And Field stars Tommie Smith and John Carlos holding up the Black Power Fists at the 1968 Olympics.

I am unapologetically Black.

Associated with “Cruelty” and “Evil”, in the language Latin,

and not too often cut a lot of slack,

I refuse to let that stray me away,

from remaining unapologetically Black.

My skin color is Formal. Elegant. Bold. Raw.

Model Riley Montana. (2019.)
Model Riley Montana. (2019.)

My skin color comes in different shades.

Beyonce Photoshoot. (2018.)

and though our skin and confidence are often attacked,

Still I remain, unapologetically black.

A color associated with superstition,


Corretta Scott King at husband, Martin Luther King, funeral. (1968.)


Jim Crow Advertisement on Black Men. (1950.)

Still I stand, unapologetically black.

I am a color that’s controversial.

I am a color that’s a hallmark of royal luxury.

I am a color that suffers from negative feedback,

but still I remain, unapologetically black.

The Black-Sheep of society.

Black-listed by America.

Even when the odds are stacked,

Still I remain, unapologetically Black.

Black is flawless in every color.


Lupita N’yongo photoshoot as her character ‘Red’ in TV series US. (2019.)


Lupita N’yongo. (2017.)


Lupita N’yongo. (2016.)


Lupita N’yongo. (2017.)


Lupita N’yongo. (2016.)

No matter what the stereotype is,

Or what the average thought may be,

Being black will always make me unique.

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