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There are numerous misconceptions regarding the weight loss process. Whether those misconceptions come from someone trying to lose weight or others who don’t understand the work it takes to become fit, it’s wrong and should be set straight. I’ll only discuss a few below. Disclaimer: I’ve had to lose weight before and I’ve experienced what’s highlighted in the article.

Your mindset has to change– Having to overcome obesity or being overweight can be challenging. You have to acknowledge that it’s a problem mentally before you physically begin the process of altering your body. Once you come to terms with your weight complications and are frustrated with being in that state, you can start developing a healthier lifestyle.    

It can be a lengthy process– Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. (Disclaimer: Some health issues can cause rapid weight loss. We’re not discussing that form of weight loss. In other instances, medications may cause weight gain, not poor eating choices). You need a great deal of patience in order to be successful at this. Understanding patience can help relieve stress about weight loss. Everyone’s body is different. It’s important to remember that you may not be as likely to lose weight at the same rate as someone else. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. It can take months or years for you to reach your body goals; it just depends on your body. 

Making rude remarks about weight really hurts, even though the people making the comments think “it’s just words”– “Get off your fat ass and go for a walk”. “You’re as big as a house”. “You’ll never lose weight”. “All you do is eat food”. These criticisms made by outsiders (family/friends) are not only rude and disrespectful, but they can be discouraging. When you’re in the process of improving your lifestyle, you want and need support from loved ones. Unfortunately, in some cases, everyone won’t be as motivating as you need them to be. They may feel that their statements would push you to make changes, but the remarks will probably make you less inclined to lose weight. Instead, if your loved ones genuinely care about your well being, they would offer you words of encouragement. They will pull you to the side, have a conversation with you, and express concerns. They would tell you that they need you to live a long time. They should never be judgemental in their approach. (If your loved ones tell you that you’re perfectly fine the way that you are when you’re in fact overweight or obese, this can also become toxic. You may not want to lose weight and become too comfortable). 

Lifestyle changes are a must in order to maintain your new found health– Weight loss is 75% of what your diet consists of and 25% of exercise. In the beginning stages of a weight loss journey, some people misconstrue the ways they should go about getting the excessive weight off. They may work out for hours during the day and night while still consuming a diet consisting of harmful fats, sugars, carbs, etc. The intensity of workouts will only make a difference in your weight if you have the proper eating habits to accommodate it. Eat fresh: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fresh juices, plenty of water, etc. As I’ve stated in a previous article, consider cutting back on heavy carbs, unnecessary sugars, and so on. Although it’s crucial to stay active during your fitness journey, it’s key to have a nutritious filled diet loaded with whole foods. Make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep to help recharge your body. Going to certain places may trigger an unhealthy habit you’ve had such as overeating. Try not to go to that place. Maybe you spend too many hours in front of the television. Have a set amount of time that you watch television. You’re going to have to alter some aspects of your lifestyle. Smaller portions of food, cutting out certain meats, excessive sugar, and so on were the greatest contributing factors to my weight loss. Exercise can help maintain a healthy weight.    

You don’t have to cut out EVERYTHING that you enjoy eating– True, you may have to make various changes to your eating habits. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every once in a while in one of your favorite snacks. If you love chips, you don’t have to give them up. Just consume them in moderation. If you love cookies, you can still enjoy them without overindulging. For these snack options, try alternatives such as chips that don’t contain as much sodium and aren’t as high in calories. Research plant based cookies that are low in sugars. You can still manage healthy weight loss while relishing in some of your typical favorite foods/snacks. Hey, I managed to lose about 50 pounds altogether and never gave up chips.

You’ll have days where you don’t feel your best even during your weight loss journey– The process of losing weight isn’t always fun. It can be draining at times. You may feel like giving up and that’s normal, so don’t beat yourself up. Recognize that those feelings are temporary and continue to strive for an improvement in health. 

Once you finally shed pounds, the journey has to continue– This point coincides with lifestyle changes and maintaining a healthy weight. Many people fail to grasp that you don’t stop the routine of eating right and exercising once you reach your goal weight. Notice, I’ve used the word “journey” several times throughout this article. I use it because that’s just what the weight loss process is, a journey. It’s a journey that never stops. Of course you should have an ideal body weight in mind. That being said, try not to subside all that you’ve done to achieve a healthier body once you lose a significant amount of weight.   

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