Cedar Point Closes Successful Roller Coaster; Here’s Why

Cedar Point Announces Closure of Wicked Twister Coaster - Coaster101

Since Cedar Point amusement park started opening rides in 1969, it has been considered a top amusement park in the United States. Multiple review have even considered Cedar Point the “King of all thrill parks”. With a wide array of coasters available and unique thrill elements in each, it is not hard to see why it has gained this reputation. However, park officials have recently announced a few changes for Cedar Point.

The most devastating change, they announced, is the closing of the Wicked Twister roller coaster-the worlds tallest and fastest double twisting, impulse roller coaster. “Final rides will be given on September 6 as we prepare for future park improvements”, the staff stated.

Wicked Twisted was notorious for its 215-foot tall drops reaching speeds of 72 miles per hour as the coaster raced through the track. The twin drops could be seen from Cedar Point’s skyline along with other coasters such as Top Thrill Dragster and Steel Vengeance. The track is composed of yellow spiraling track spikes, making it unique from other rides at the park.

The ride’s layout is similar to other double twisting impulse coasters. The train launches out of the station and rapidly ascends the 90 degree track with a corkscrew built in. It then descends backwards and back through the station only to reach another 90 degree track (no corkscrew). The process repeats a few times before the ride hits the brake run (see video below). This experience has charmed 16 million riders since its introduction in 2002.

Cedar Point officials have yet to elaborate on other updates to the park and what ride will take the place of Wicked Twister. They pledged to announce further detail about Wicked Twister’s final moments, however. We’re disappointed to hear the closure of this coaster, but knowing Cedar Point’s style, it is likely for the best. Ohio is not such a bland state after all!

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