Claire Rosinkranz Encapsulates Quirky Teen Rebellion on “Hotel”

Teen popstar Claire Rosinkranz got the world’s attention with the viral “Backyard Boy” last year, which appeared in over three million TikTok videos. As a member of Gen-Z herself, she knows what young fans want and the stories they can relate to, and her recent track “Hotel” is a perfect example of the “main character” vibe that we all secretly long for.

“I wrote ‘Hotel’ based off of, like, a rebellious character that you would see in a movie, or just like the rebellion of a teenager/high-schooler,” Rosinkranz told The Circle Sessions. “Some experiences that my friends have had, some of which I’ve had, but mostly, like, my friends and, like, just a rebellious teenager in a movie.”

“Hotel” appears on Rosinkranz’s July 2021 EP 6 of a Billion, which features six tracks including the smooth lead single “Frankenstein.” Like her 2020 project BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd, the EP takes on a cinematic air while still feeling relatable for fans of all ages. She shared in a YouTube breakdown, “All of [the songs on 6 of a Billion] are just random songs I picked from my notebook that I’ve been writing for a really long time.” 

Earlier this month, Rosinkranz treated fans to a new acoustic performance of “Hotel,” reimagining the song by herself on piano while letting the lyrics and her talent be the main focus.

You can find “Hotel” and the rest of the 6 of a Billion EP on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Claire Rosinkranz on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

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