It’d be fair to assume that most people got pasta’d out during lockdowns, with most restaurants shutting down and trends like TikTok’s feta pasta taking the internet by storm. Designer Nik Bentel was one of many who got bored of the classic dish, but rather than condemning it, he turned it into something more entertaining.

The limited-edition “Pasta Bag” reimagines Barilla’s famous blue box as a chic accessory with the perfect dosage of camp:

Even before its official release, the handbag went viral on Twitter, attracting press from outlets like Yahoo, HYPEBEAST, and Food Network. Bentel used UV printing technology on quality leather to make the design look as realistic as possible while still looking sleek and modern. 

100 lucky fashionistas will be able to snag the purse on Bentel’s website starting today, for a price tag of $199. And if that’s out of your budget, you can dive into Bentel’s world of artistry on Instagram and YouTube.

(c) Nikolas Bentel

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