Rockstar Of The Season: Madison Murray by Tahyira

Some come into my life simply from Indeed to this space. I never know who they really are until they begin to write. Working on this site since 2013 by myself, I wasn’t too sure which direction it could take. When I left NYC to head to Los Angeles, I was provided more opportunities to create safe space for new thought leaders. We cover so many different angles, music, politics, film which is my first love, art, fashion, mental health, and human interest.

Madison has brought a new sort of light to News In Progress, her ideas are dope, she doesn’t need “direction” she knows exactly what message she is trying to convey, and she is helping underground artists find new listeners in a major way. Social media makes it difficult for new artists to navigate so when I launched the music section I made it a rule to go beyond the normal, there’s a lot more music underground than above. The team and I appreciate all of your efforts Madison and this one is for you!

Tahyira is the Chief Visionary Officer at TREMG INC which owns News In Progress. Check out our YouTube page and podcast companion. In 2022, we will be rolling out a new app so we can continue to connect with our readership.

One response to “Rockstar Of The Season: Madison Murray by Tahyira”

  1. Thank you so much Tahyira, this means the world to me! It’s been so fun getting the opportunity to help build TREMG 💜

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