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In America, the words Black and Business are becoming more synonymous with building black wealth outside of the housing market.  Black Americans are heading to platforms, like the Chinese owned Tik Tok, to develop, promote, and sustain their online business ventures.  We found that business discovery is easier on social media where smaller brands struggle to financially compete commercially.  With Facebook and Instagram ads creating accessibility and affordability, the landscape of ownership for Black professionals and Black investors is uncapped.  Tik Tok specifically, rolled out an in-app campaign using the hashtag #BLACKBUSINESSMONTH to highlight and encourage content creators to use the platform in August.  The history of Black owned businesses in reality is a sad tale and reflects much of the history that was left out of our education during the post-Civil War era, also known as the Reconstruction Era.  I did research and used Tik Tok to highlight white men and women who worked to keep the progression of free Blacks stagnant after emancipation.  Watch some of them here:

Black spending versus Black ownership is where the true devil lies in the details as it relates to wealth.  Nonetheless, more and more Black entrepreneurs are surfacing, in every aspect of business.  Here are the top trending Black Brands we found in August 2021 for National Black Business Month.

You find can learn more about Tik Tok for Business here:

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