Outkast Celebrate Iconic ‘ATLiens’ Album with Anniversary Merch Drop

It’s been 25 years since Outkast released their career-defining, double-platinum certified ATLiens, which is still regarded as one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. To commemorate the record and its success, Outkast teamed up with Merch Traffic to design a limited-edition merch collection inspired by the album’s sound and aesthetic!

“Outkast’s ATLiens album is a rich, visual world with many layers,” Merch Traffic’s creative team explains. “That being said, our primary goal in curating this product line was to create wearable art and commemorative pieces that could seamlessly fit into the ATLiens universe and resonate with its many fans. Most importantly, this album is very much about being an individual even when those around you don’t understand or accept you, so we strived for the merch creative to represent just that: fierce individuality and eccentric style.”

The designs in the collection are just as bold as the album itself, combining fun tie-dye and bright colors drawing from its iconic cover. This cool tank top ($30) is the perfect example:

(c) Merch Traffic

If you’re heading back to school, check out must-haves like the shield ornament ($25) you can use to decorate your dorm, the comfy logo slides ($40), and the Nalgene water bottle ($25) that you’ll want to carry around with you all day!

(c) Merch Traffic

The collection’s galaxy print socks ($15) are a great option for fans on a budget, and they’d look awesome with the tie-dye bucket hat ($25), which uses a similar color scheme. 

(c) Merch Traffic

You can shop the ATLiens capsule on Outkast’s website now!

(c) Merch Traffic

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