Rachel Chinouiri and her unique voice shine on “If Only,” an introspective song about appreciating what you have. She wrote the song with Daniel Hylton Nuamah, who she previously worked with on “Beautiful Disaster,” “I.D.R.N.,” and “Lose Anything,” and Jack Sibley, who has credits on her songs “Adrenaline” and “Riptide.”

“It’s easy for me to moan about things but I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be in my position,” Chinouriri explains. “Ever since I wrote this song, whenever I feel frustrated about situations, I just remind myself I am doing what I love, and this is ‘good stress.’ I have always been taught to be very grateful for everything. Seeing how hard my mum worked to care for 5 children, cousins, and my sick dad all whilst being an immigrant made me aware of the sacrifices that were made for me to be where I am today.”

“If Only” is her first release since her Four° In Winter EP, which has already racked up nearly two million streams since it came out in April. Back in July, Chinouiri played four sold-out shows at London’s St. Pancras Old Church, where she got to celebrate her EP and tease “If Only” for the intimate crowd.

You can find “If Only” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Rachel Chinouiri on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

(c) Alice Blackham

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