Another One Down! Push Through Hard Times on “Headspace”

Rhode Island rockers Another One Down! find their footing after a tough situation on the new single “Headspace,” their first release of 2021. The track is energetic but manages to avoid feeling too frantic, making it a great representation of how conflicted people can feel during difficult times. 

“‘Headspace’ is about trying to cope with a mentally overwhelming situation that consumes every fiber of your being,” the band explains. “Specifically, it is a reflection of a breakup and an attempt to erase the memories and words said from the forefront of your mind. Going back and forth between somber laid-back verses and colossal choruses, the song is as emotional as it is catchy.”

“Headspace” will appear on the group’s upcoming debut album A Bitter Descent, due November 5th. The record includes 12 intriguing songs that will surely boost Another One Down! to the pop-punk stardom they deserve.

You can find “Headspace” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Another One Down! on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! You can also preorder A Bitter Descent on Bandcamp.

Photo via Earshot Media.

Another One Down! consists of vocalist Marcus Simonini, lead guitarist Brandon Teh, rhythm guitarist Alex Thetonia, bassist Dylan Walsh, and drummer Ryan Beck.

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