The Inspiration Behind Sophia Roe’s Shimmery Met Gala Gown

New York chef Sophia Roe was a social media mainstay during quarantine, with her recipes quickly becoming a fan favorite and earning her a spot on the culinary team to help curate this year’s Met Gala dinner. Such a star-studded event deserves a luxurious meal and outfit, and after receiving her invite, Roe teamed up with the iconic Halston brand for a stunning dress and catsuit combo that draws from the disco era.

“I was five years old the first time I saw a photograph of Donna Summer,” Roe explained on Instagram. “I wanted to be just like her, and then.. I discovered disco. I’d do anything I could to get my hands on photos of Bianca Jagger, Beverly Johnson, Diana Ross, etc. The effortless glam, just the right amount of skin, flowing silhouettes, all that glitters, and THOSE CURLY BANGS!”

On designer Robert Rodriguez’s end, the look draws from Halston founder Roy Halston Frowick’s love of orchids. He loved the flowers his entire life, to the point where he even had an annual orchid budget and kept them in his home and office. 

“Halston was an iconic American designer and I wanted to pay homage to him by creating an exclusive hand printed caftan gown in an orchid degradé silk lurex print,” Rodriguez shares. “Halston always said that orchids were a big part of his design process and orchids represented beauty and simplicity. Given this year’s Met Gala theme, a celebration of American Fashion, it meant so much to have Halston represented on the red carpet. It was a true honor and pleasure to collaborate with Sophia and bring our collective vision to life.”

Robert Rodriguez’s sketch of Sophia Roe’s Met Gala outfit.

You can explore the world of Halston on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website!

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