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In 2018, trending social media star Emma Chamberlain began her own coffee company; Chamberlain coffee. Not only was her coffee from “the freshest, highest quality, most convenient coffee beans available”, but her previous celebrity status had intrigued audiences into purchasing her product. In 2021, YouTube Star Graham Stephan has followed in Chamberlain’s footsteps and built his own coffee company, making him a millennial millionaire. However, due to his method of success revolving primarily around business, we are not surprised.

Before becoming a YouTube Star, Stephan had begun as a real estate agent for the Oppenheim Group. However, even in real estate, Stephan admitted to spending much of his time online, searching financial trends and economic troubles. Using this information, he had provided his consumers and social media followers (a lot less at the time) with ideas on how to save money, many of which were proven successful. Soon, his ideas became trending online and, before long, Stephan gained over 1.5 million subscribers.

With so many followers of his content, Stephan decided to quit his job and pursue a career posting YouTube videos. Most of his videos involved these financial trends and business tactics to become successful. “My videos must’ve received, like 7 million views”, says Stephan. “It was crazy. I must’ve made $1 million in YouTube ads alone”. His high reputation on YouTube earned him a role on CNBC’s “Millennial Money” where he described and presented further financial tactics. After this feat, the number of subscribers boosted even further to the point where he now makes $1.42 million in YouTube ads.

With all of this money on hand and his reputation soaring, Stephan knew he needed to start his own business. After researching the markets and planning ideas, he decided coffee, specifically iced coffee, would be the most successful company to start seeing as, according to Stephan’s research “Coffee remains the number one consumed beverage at 64% consumption daily”. Stephan had hired a video editor and a content creator to aid in his YouTube channel while Stephan was making coffee. Millions of Americans attended Stephan’s “Bank Roll Coffee” and, as of 2021, Stephan has acquired a net worth of $15 million.

In an interview with CNBC, Stephan describes his expenses which helped him maintain this net worth: “The bulk of my income every month goes to my mortgage payment for my house. The property costs me about $6,448 per month, which includes the mortgage, property taxes, and Homeowners Association fees. This doesn’t include my utility fees, which usually require an additional $570 per month for gas, electricity, and internet. The next highest expenditure is food, about $820. This covers my restaurant spending along with team dinners. I have my girlfriend handle their monthly grocery bill. She is such a blessed soul and I appreciate all she’s done for me”.

While Stephan continues to research industry trends and save money, his YouTube channel continues to thrive. With over 3 million subscribers and counting, we can see a bright future ahead for Graham Stephan. Through analytical research and providing advice, we, too, can become millionaires and share in this fortune.

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