Interview With Cast + Crew of Chill Bucket’s ‘It’s An Italian Thing. No, It’s A Black Thing’ Opening Oct 1st in New York City

It’s an Italian Thing. No, It’s a Black Thing, a comedy which takes a dramatic turn, centers around Frankie, a middle-aged Italian-American trans woman who is faced with a touchy situation. She must meet Winnie, the African-American mother of Frankie’s younger girlfriend, Tanasia. Despite Tanasia’s reassurances, Frankie is worried that Winnie will have serious issues with her gender, age and race. Frankie’s brother,  Jimmy, in his old-fashioned approach to relationships, first suggests Frankie bring a homemade chocolate cake and subsequently, a meat lasagna. But the encounter isn’t all smooth sailing! 

Here are the questions that were asked:

Why did you choose this story? 

What kept you inspired last year when Broadway completely closed? 

Community theater and/or off-broadway seems like two different Worlds but with the same actors.  How does your experience in theater collectively work together on stage? 
There’s a lot of heaviness in the World now.  What hopes do you have for your audience after watching the play opening night? 

How long did it take you to write this story and is it autobiographical? 

Have you always known about the Episcopal Actors Guild? 

How does a person “get back in the saddle” after what we’ve all lived through with the COVID-19 Pandemic?    

How does being female and living with a woman bring a new level to your direction for these characters on stage? 

About The Episcopal Actor’s Guild: Since 1923, EAG has provided emergency financial assistance to performers “of all faiths, and none.” We also host a variety of eventsworkshops, and fundraisers in an effort to raise financial support and community awareness.

Find out more here.

About Chill Bucket Productions:

Chill Bucket has taken up the mantle of looking at theater through the lense of history. Our mission is to advance classic theater and showcase our history to inform our present, bringing issues and thought provoking theater to old and new audiences alike.

About Fran Sisco:

Fran Sisco is a female entertainer, artist and writer. (A) As a writer and filmmaker, Fran wrote and produced two short films and wrote one award-winning screenplay:

(1) Happy Trains Girl Like Me – 2018 (Winner of Best LGBT Short Documentary at several film festivals including: The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival, NYC (10/18) The Venus Italian International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV (7/19) The Five Continents Film Festival (online) (Venezuela) (4/19) The film has been nominated at the AOF Megafest (Las Vegas, NV – 7/19), The Hollywood Dreams Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV – 7/19), The South Film and Arts Academy Film Festival (Chile) (7/19). Also the lyrics for the song “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” has been nominated for Best Musical Lyrics, and won Best Poster at the The Venus Italian International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV (7/19)

Find more about Fran here

Head to the ticket link to read cast bios and to purchase in-person / zoom streaming to see the play.

Tahyira Savanna
Tahyira is a lifestyle journalist and writer.  Her interest includes human stories and introspection.  She interviews everyday people doing their part to make our world a happier place. Follow her on Twitter @TAsterisk and Instagram @iletthegoodtimesroll

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