Chiara Young will never edit herself to match what others want from her, and “I Don’t Wear Skirts” is a prime example that will get stuck in your head with a single listen. Perfect for fans of the current pop-punk revival, the song carves out its own identity while lifting a feminine voice in a male-dominated landscape à la fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne. 

“I wrote and produced ‘I Don’t Wear Skirts’ about not fitting into societal norms,” the Toronto artist shares. “Growing up, I was a Tomboy. I always felt pressure to be more feminine, but being feminine wasn’t, and still isn’t, me. Looking back, I’m glad I never conformed: it made me who I am today. This song is for all the womxn who share my experience.”

Alongside the song comes a rocking video that premiered with Hollywood Life, in which Young shrugs off typical feminine clothes as she paints her nails black and refuses to cater to what’s expected of women. 

“In the music video, I wore a skirt,” she told Hollywood Life. “Well, a tutu. Ironic, but I did so to show the larger, underlining message of the song: you should feel comfortable in whatever you wear, regardless of what that might be. And if that’s a skirt, go for it.”

Photo via Earshot Media.

You can find “I Don’t Wear Skirts” on your favorite streaming services now, and link up with Chiara Young on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her official website!

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