Ashnikko Shows Off Her Versatility on Dual Singles “Panic Attacks in Paradise” and “Maggots”

Our favorite blue-haired, alt-pop queen Ashnikko has made a splashy comeback with two new singles, “Panic Attacks in Paradise” and “Maggots!” They’re her first releases since dropping Demidevil last year and receiving a Video Music Award nomination for a 2020 performance of “Daisy,” proving the success she’s found so far is just the beginning.

The first track, the vulnerable “Panic Attacks in Paradise,” shows a different side of the superstar than we saw on the sassy hits “Daisy” and “Deal With It.” The song sees Ashnikko opening up about their mental health struggles over a guitar-driven instrumental, displaying their versatility and lyrical skills. The pre-chorus is jam-packed with mentions of her insecurities and vices, while the bittersweet hook sees her insisting she’s “having the best time of [her] life” to avoid disappointing those around her.

“‘Panic Attacks in Paradise’ and ‘Maggots’ were both written when I was in a very low place,” Ashnikko confesses. “A nasty festering place where brushing my teeth and getting out of bed felt like a win. ‘PAIP’ is a commentary on how much I was annoying myself at the time. Everything was fine. I was healthy and my career was going great. I was in a metaphorical ‘paradise.’ But alas, my brain chemistry had other plans. I was in so much pain and I couldn’t put a finger on it. I was an insufferable mess, so obsessed with my own hurt. I was leading it around with me like a rabid dog, letting it bite anyone I came into contact with.”

“Maggots” sees a return to the metallic, battle-cry sound we’ve come to expect and adore from Ashnikko, telling off skeptics and showing off her confidence. Destined to become an arena hit once touring is back in full swing, the track blends rock guitar riffs with heavy trap beats to show off her prowess and energy.

“Where ‘PAIP’ is soft and forlorn, ‘Maggots’ is pure rage,” Ashnikko explains. “I’m casting a protective shield of electricity around myself and daring anyone to try to cross it. I decide that being a little villainous is an easier lifestyle choice. I’d rather be a raging bitch than let people take advantage of my kindness. I will take every parasite burrowing its way into my flesh and flatten it under my boots.”

You can find “Panic Attacks in Paradise” and “Maggots” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Ashnikko on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and her official website!

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