Softcult Speak Out Against Violence on Women With Angsty Single “BWBB”

Twin sisters Phoenix and Mercedes Arn Horn stick up against patriarchal attitudes, sexual assault, and victim-blaming on “BWBB,” a feminist anthem that dismantles the “boys will be boys” excuse over roaring guitars. It’s a breath of fresh air in a male-dominated industry, standing up for themselves, their female peers, and women everywhere who feel unsafe because of men’s actions.

“We wrote ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ about gender violence and the double standard, hypocrisy, and dissonance of the ‘bro code,’” the duo explains. “Covering up for your buddies after they’ve assaulted someone creates a dangerous environment, especially for women. All of us need to be allies in this fight against gender violence and hold our circles accountable. The line ‘if there’s one in your company, I wonder when they’re gonna come for me’ sums it up pretty well.”

Warning: the video below has flashing lights throughout – viewer discretion is advised for those with photosensitivity!

The Canadian duo are never afraid to speak their minds, and “BWBB” is the perfect example of how they can channel anger and frustration into a feisty, direct message to those who need to be put in their place. They’ll get to show off more of this skill on their upcoming Year of the Snake EP, with more details and Riot Grrrl energy coming soon.

You can find “BWBB” on your favorite streaming services now, presave Year of the Snake ahead of its release in February 2022, and get to know Softcult on Discord, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and their official website!

Photo via SATELLITE414.

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