Summer Years Tackle Artistic Control and Self-Doubt on “The Picture You Paint”

If the four-piece Summer Years aren’t already one of your favorite new pop-punk acts, “The Picture You Paint” might be the anthem that wins you over. The group’s latest single boasts an arena-friendly sound that would’ve rocked Warped Tour crowds à la Neck Deep and State Champs, as it carves out a youthful-yet-angsty sound that will take you right back to your teen years. 

“As musicians, we kinda live a life of constant Show & Tell to our fans, friends, and family,” bassist and backing vocalist Mike Liorti explains. “These days, especially, even the most passionate/understanding supporters & teammates can quickly lose touch of the artists’ vision/potential and basically dismiss them entirely. The smallest comment/action of doubt can be very potent and contagious (sometimes even making its way into the artists’ mind.) So the song is coming from a Relic/Lifer’s evolved mindset of understanding the bliss/oasis that comes from creating art for nobody but themselves and letting the dominoes fall as they may.”

The song’s music video compiles footage from the shows the California-based band has gotten to play after the world started recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Before they could get out in front of a crowd, Summer Years spent the lockdown recording their upcoming EP, You Can’t Live There Forever, expected soon via Enci Records. 

Alongside debut single “This Light,” “The Picture You Paint” sets the stage for Summer Years to become one of the biggest pop-punk acts of the 2020s. They build on the classic sound put forward by titans like Blink-182 and Green Day while still offering something exciting and unique!

You can find “The Picture You Paint” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Summer Years on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo via Earshot Media.

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