Dr. Anthony Fauci has been in an inordinate amount of news lately. So, I’ve decided to take a look under the hood. What makes the top doc tick?

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Dr. Anthony Fauci
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There has been a lot of controversy recently surrounding the performance and Dr. Fauci. Many people have been questioning his efficacy and even truthfulness surrounding his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, and even previous pandemics such as HIV in the 1980s.

So, let take a look at his character, what the heavens have to say. Is he a physician or fraud? Friend or foe? As honestly, the American people need to know.

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“As above, so below.”
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I want to start by saying that we do not have an accurate time of birth for Dr. Fauci. This means that I cannot calculate the House system for him, which can determine several important insights into a person’s identity.

However, that does not preclude us from looking at the planetary aspects, or angles, to one another. As this is the bulk, the real “meat” of astrology, there is still plenty to work with. Therefore, these interpretations will still be accurate.

I would like to start with a very startling aspect called Mars square Pluto. Although it is not surprising to see in a doctor, or someone in a position of power, it is still a bit troubling to find. Mars, our inner warrior, is in a tense aspect with Pluto, the god of power and the underworld. This makes Fauci power-hungry and manipulative. He may even be prone to aggression and rage in his private life. As I said… troubling.

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Mask off.
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The second aspect I’d like to tackle is Mercury square Neptune. This is known as the “sneaky mind.” Again, we’re not gettig off to great start. Mercury is our thoughts and mind, while Neptune is deception, illusion, drugs, and spirituality. With this hard “square” between the them, this can indicate a liar, someone apt to spin the truth. The other, possibly more disturbing possibility, is mental illness. People with this aspect don’t quite see the world as it is. It is warped or twisted in some way.

Third on our list is Sun trine Jupiter. This is a more positive aspect that gives a healthy ego and positivity in his outlook. The Sun is our authentic selves, while Jupiter is the god of expansion and good luck. This can be helpful for the career and to have a generally happy life. This gives Dr. Fauci a bubbly and jovial persona, with maybe a little arrogance mixed in.

Next is Sun trine Saturn. This aspect is a flowing, natural reception between the ego and Saturn, who is the god of time, organization, structure, and authority. This is an excellent position for someone in his bureauratic office. Saturn is a very important planet in all of us, as his presence allows us to make our life orderly, to weather storms, and to prepare adequately. For Fauci to have the “trine” aspect is indeed fortunate for him because Saturn is well integrated.

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The beauty of structure.
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Dr. Fauci also possesses Mars opposite Uranus. That action oriented warrior is directly across from the god of shock and liberation. Again, this is actually a common aspect in doctors and surgeons. But this also has a very attention-seeking tone to it. These people can sometimes resort to erratic or rebellious actions to garner said attention. They can also be reckless indoing so, making them many enemies along the way.

Our sixth aspect is Moon opposite Saturn. Any contact from the Moon to Saturn is difficult, but squares and oppositions are moreso. With the opposition, you have someone who is emotionally distant or cold; cutoff. They have a fear of intimacy. With an “opposition” aspect, you have a “severing” action between the two planets. Hence, the cold authoritarian Saturn severs fromt he Moon, making the moon feel isolated and alone. This is also known as the “boredom aspect,” because this is how they appear. However, they are actually afraid of the very intimacy they crave.

And finally, there is Venus trine Pluto. This is another power-seeking aspect. Venus is what we attract and what we are attracted to. She pulls these experiences to us, and any contact between her and the god of the underworld is an intense one. Pluto represents the raw power of the inescapable: death itself. With the trine angle connecting them, there is an easy, natural inegration between the two planets. This isn’t always a good thing. With the square or opposition, there is conflict between them which brings awareness to the situation. With the trine, this is not present, which makes it a sort of “fatal attraction.” Like two magnets pulling toward each other.

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The pull of the underworld.
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In the end, there is a good balance of positive and negative in Dr. Fauci, as with most poeple. But there is enough present to be concerning. I, personally, am going to wait for the evidence to make conclusions rather than relying on one person’s word to define science for me.

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  1. Hello Joshua,
    I just started reading ‘The real Anthony Fauci’ by Robert Kennedy. That made me curious about Fauci’s astrology. Thank you for the glimpse.

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