Wild Bear Crashes Wedding Party

VIDEO: Bear crashes wedding, unfazed guest continues eating dinner

Nuevo Leon, Mexico-A married couple’s wedding became even more memorable when a wild bear was lured by the smell of enchiladas and wedding cake and walked into the wedding reception. The bear had black fur and appeared quite small. However, footage of the incident shows the bear knocking over two chairs and putting its front paws on the table before repeating the pattern on the other wedding tables

The guest’s reactions varied. Some people remained completely nonchalant and continued eating. The bride’s cousin, Angie Disa, reported to Channel 11 News that “Our wedding took place in Chipinque Ecological Park which is full of bears as it is. We are used to seeing these animals roaming around the park and we protect them at all costs”. People foreign to the area, however, reacted more apprehensively and began banging pots and pans to scare the bear away. The attempts were rendered unsuccessful as the animal continued to roam around the reception.

“The bear was very cute and harmless. We all wanted to pet it”, Disa continues. “However, the staff told us that if we tried to intervene, it could make the situation worse. A barricade was placed around the venue so that the bear could not come back in. The best we could do was stay calm [which I was already doing] and continue eating”.

According to Channel 11 reporter Araksya Karapetyan, “another bear was spotted around the hotel the couple resided at the night before the bear barged into the reception”. While some believe this may have prompted the bear’s arrival, we are thankful to report that the bear took off moments after and nobody was injured. While it’s stated not to run from a bear, Karapetyan reports that “if I saw that bear, I would’ve run”.  

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