Bohemian Minimalist, or Boho-Scandinavian, brings together subtle modern design styles with the penchant for a trendy boho-chic look. And it’s taking over the interior design world along with my apartment!


When I was first trying to decide what my decor theme was going to be, I knew what I wanted it to look like in my head, but couldn’t put a name to the style. I knew I wanted neutral colors, fluffy pampas grass, lots of greenery, wood, banana fiber, and macramé all throughout my abode. But, I wanted all of it without the “more is more” technique usually associated with Bohemian flair! Think free-spirit vibe, minus the bold color scheme of puprles, golds, and maroons. Plus, no Moroccan leather poufs. As awesome as they are…

Now, thanks to countless hours on Etsy and Pinterest, I was finally able to nail down the aestheic I would painstakingly furnish and accessorize my home with.

Next came where to best find my boho minimalist knick-knacks. My massive furniture pieces came from Wayfair, by the way. But what makes a house a home are the novelty items strategically places in them. So to make it a little easier for the next Bohemian dreamer looking for ways to decorate while keeping things simple, here are five stores to get you excited about making your home cozy and positively you!

Credit: Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

Urban Outfitters (UO):

Shopping here, you’ll run into a lot of “out there” things. But once you stumble upon that one “have to have” item, you’ll be sold on this retailer! Be sure to download the app because there is much more on there not sold in stores. Want to start small? Grab some ivy string lights. UO is also big on astrology. And what better way to put a boho spin on your space than a neutral-colored tapestry, an LED sign representing your zodiac sign, or art prints.


TJ Maxx:

Cherish finding those one-in-a-million hidden gems? TJ Maxx is your go to! This retailer will be your best bet for when you’re looking for the perfect coffee table set up that looks straight out of a catalogue. Be patient shopping here, though. And if you see something you might want, go ahead and get it! Chances are it won’t be there the next day.

Home Goods:

Home Goods is much like TJ Maxx (and owned by the same company – TJX Companies). Just simply with more to choose from.


Go in for one thing, come out with something(s) totally different. That should be Target’s motto. Everything from their Threshold collection, to Joanna Gaine’s Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection, the earthy minimalist possibilities are endless and very affordable.

World Market:

Their home section has the ultimate lamp and basket selection. World Market also boasts a killer art section, but you will pay a pretty penny for it. Definitely grab your pampas grass and egg chair from here, though!

Out of all of the other retailers, World Market has the most relaxing environment to shop in. Personally, I’ve snagged a number Hamsa hands and Buddha pieces from here that have transformed my living room!

Credit: Photo by Benjamin Balázs on Unsplash

Never forget to use Etsy and Pinterest to your advantage, as well. However that’s a whole other rabbit hole…

23 thoughts on “5 Stores That Will Bring Out The Inner Boho Minimalist In You

  1. Stores listed are just about everywhere or easily “locatable”
    Great tips. Happy Bohemian shopping

  2. TJMaxx is our family favorite place. I don’t do a lot of shopping on the others but I’m a HUGE FAN of Pinterest, I have every board imaginable, with your decorating ideas you may find some more needed Add ons to place with your decor. I’m going to show my granddaughter your artistic work!! GREAT JOB!!

    1. This is definitely my style. Thanks for the tips. I totally agree with you on Target. I’ll be shopping at all of these places for my new home.

  3. I frequent all of these stores except Urban Outfitters. You have definitely given me ideas on how to make living space improvements. I will check out Urban Outfitters for art prints for my basement. Man caves have to be different!

  4. Great piece Courtney! I am so proud of you 👏🏾 keep writing ✍️ and you are bound to go far in your career. Blessings in 2022. You are so amazing!

  5. After reading the article I found it very helpful gives you a different look at how to decorate your home or apartment Especially for a single guy on low budget I said Guy because I am speaking as a single guy also the ideas lines up with ones character a man ihome is Castle.

  6. Definitely another place to shop. Especially that I plan to purchase a new house soon. As article Courtney. So proud of you!!! Keep it up. I appreciate the tips and insight.

  7. Great article on Bohemian style. The stores listed are great references to shop and create that style. Looking forward to reading your next informative and educational article.

  8. Article is spot on. I’ve gotten lots of items from TJ Max and World Market. Love the minimalist theme. Good information, Courtney!

  9. Great article! I love all of the retail stores you highlighted and will definitely use your tips in refreshing my decor.

  10. Courtney, love this article it is so informative. It’s resourceful for anyone looking for new ideas for creating their dream home decor.
    Would enjoy seeing more resourceful articles like this.

  11. Such great tips! There’s so many little surprises at each store, especially Home Goods which is a personal favorite of mine. Thanks for all of the other store ideas! Great piece.

  12. Love the way your writing transports you. You are so right about TJ Max.. if you find that something you like you better buy it then. I’m still chasing a unique wine case I saw there some years ago.

  13. This is an Awesome piece!! Very informative. So true about Target, I Love this store! And by the way, I can never come out with just one thing!

  14. You have given ideas and a description on what to do and where to look for decorating. For all budgets. Some places I have patronized in the past others I’m going try as soon as possible. Thanks for the pictures you painted in words.. I can’t wait to see what you give your readers next.

  15. Nice article and information for someone trying to figure out or recreating their space. Love shopping at Home Goods & TJ Maxx. Marshall’s & Ross are other good places to find hidden gems. You’re right about World Market, great stuff, but a little pricey.

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