Listen in a on this 6 minute Twitter audio review by screenwriter Tahyira Savanna. After watching Don’t Look Up on Netflix, I decided to join in on the conversations post- end credits. As a creative I’m working very hard to make space for all kinds of storytelling that has not been told before. The film serves as a parody of current events but misses a major DEI marker, no Black women. With Leo, Meryl, and Jenn at the helm of this streamable flick our Hollywood spidey senses tell us funding wasn’t an issue. A lot of the story is easier to decipher and the players did the work to safely tether the line between what the fuck and well yeah that happened already. In a post-Trump Nazi like regime, we can all use a little relatable humor. As Black audiences around the Globe continue to demand diversity, equity, and inclusion in media, film, radio, print, and television, it’s important to mark the territories where change should already be taking place. I think Netflix can afford to do a lot better.

Stream #DontLookUp now playing via Netflix.

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