All The Gorgeous Looks From Katy Perry’s PLAY Residency And How You Can Recreate Her Vegas Glamour

Katy Perry is taking her song “Waking Up in Vegas” more seriously than ever with her new PLAY residency at Resorts World in Las Vegas! She’s giving her West Coast KatyCats an extravagant toy-themed show with 19 songs, entertaining video interludes and elaborate sets. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Katy Perry show without some stunning outfits! 

Whether Katy is singing her heart out, talking to fans in a socially-distant meet and greet zone, or dancing in a crowd of mushrooms, you know she’ll be looking absolutely gorgeous in her costumes. PLAY delivers some of her best performance looks to date, and even with the campy style, you can get inspired to play in your own closet. Let’s take a look at what she wore!

Delightful Doll Goes Striped Superstar

Throughout PLAY, Katy acts as a doll that goes through sets like a garden and a dumpster in an alleyway. And we’d buy a doll wearing these adorable clothes in a heartbeat! For the first songs of her set, Katy rocks a bright coat adorned with heart and cloud patches before taking it off to reveal a fun striped dress. Aside from sticking to a similar color palette, these looks work together because both the coat and dress have an adorable scalloped trim. The tall white boots are also a great way to tie the two outfits together – it’s a bold shoe that makes a statement without drawing attention away from the main pieces. 

Bathroom Beauty

One of the most playful moments of PLAY is when Katy turns a bathroom and a stack of toilet paper into a superstar-worthy stage to sing hits like “California Gurls” and “Hot n Cold.” Between the 20s-esque fringe on her dress and the 60s-inspired go-go boots, we love the retro flair Katy added to this look. Part of why this outfit works so well is that Katy sticks to a black and white palette that works as a base for standout details like rhinestones and tassels. This keeps the look grounded while still letting her have fun with embellishments!

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Miss Mushroom

Katy rocked this vibrant red look in PLAY promotional photos before taking it to the main stage in a garden scene. Even with cutouts, fringe, and latex, this outfit works because of the balance between these elements. The fitted top shows off Katy’s figure while the fluffy pants add some fun for her to dance around in. All the while, the monochrome red shade keeps it coordinated! The difference in materials also adds some visual interest that you can easily replicate at home – think a chunky sweater with sleek pants or a slim top with a voluminous statement skirt.

“We call it trashion…”

Katy made trash her treasure when she wore this metallic look for a shimmery acoustic section in the middle of PLAY, along with a performance of her recent Alesso collab “When I’m Gone.” Adorned with cans and a chainmail-inspired textile made from can pop tabs, we love that the dress looks like real material while still giving a campy theme and bright pops of color! To style your own “trashion” look, as Katy called it on opening night, try pairing different metallic pieces together, possibly with some fun costume jewelry for an added pop of color.

Sunny Retro

Seemingly the fan-favorite look of PLAY, Katy looked like a quintessential 60s popstar with this eye-catching retro look by Johnny Wujek. The cutouts help the wavy pattern avoid being too wild, while the rounded earrings nicely complement it and the gloves add an extra pop. To nail your own retro look, limit yourself to one pattern and build the outfit around it, being mindful about colors and accessories to make sure the pattern can be the main statement.

Pretty In Pink

During her encore, which includes a heartwarming Whitney Houston cover and her hit “Firework,” Katy stuns in a hot pink dress with rainbow collar and cuff details. We love that it looks so sleek despite having so much color! The trick here is moderation and choosing one color to be the main statement.

What was your favorite outfit from PLAY? Do you have planss to see the show? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! And if you’re a Vegas KatyCat, be sure to get your tickets here.

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