On WordPress, when one embarks on a new blogging adventure, they ask you to create an introduction. So, this morning, while walking my extremely cute and still very vibrant senior dog, Sami the Shih Tzu, I began to develop a list in my mind. You see, for me to introduce myself, it became increasingly important to tally up the multitude of roles I’ve played throughout my life. Dance performing artist, then choreographer, then director, then singer/songwriter, then writer, then a fledgling filmmaker. Always a champion and advocate for social justice issues. And, let’s not forget wife, mother, friend, caretaker, and overall overthinking overly sensitive human. 

So, here I am, relocated in my 50’s and starting over. Though to say “starting over” isn’t exactly what I am doing. I am continuing to pursue my life’s goals and my life’s creative work, just in another city.  But, to say “just in another city” isn’t exactly right either. It’s New York City baby. The most exciting city in the world. Right now, however, in the most exciting city in the world, I am feeling a little akin to a speck of dust floating around in a whirlwind of young, beautiful, talented, and ambitious people. I can’t help but ask myself – how does one make it here? But that is why I am here – to try and find out.  I believe that each new day brings the opportunity to start again and, of course, it ain’t over until it’s over!

So here is my introduction…I am 56 and just moved to New York City. For many years I have worked as a professional modern dance artist, performer, educator, choreographer, and wanna-be writer. I am focused on the countless issues plaguing the world. I am married to the most beautiful man and the love of my life, who happens to be 12 years younger than me – but that is another story for another time. I have an amazing daughter who just started college and is my best friend. I also have the cutest dog in the world, whose tongue perpetually hangs out the side of his mouth. I am creative, insecure, confident, and nervous. I’m reaching out through this blog hoping that my thoughts, stories, worries, and observations will somehow resonate with others. Let’s discover together.

My name is Cindy. Let’s begin…

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