5 Female Artists You Need to Watch in 2022

New year, new music to discover! Women are constantly putting out some of the best music we’ve ever heard, from rock to pop and everything in between. And luckily for you, we at TREMG always have our fingers on the pulse of what’s new on the scene. These five artists have gone above and beyond to deliver a thoughtfully-curated experience with every song they’ve released, and we know they have way more up their sleeves for 2022. You need these ladies on your radar!

Amy Jay

Folk artist Amy Jay needs to be on your favorite playlist if you’re a fan of artists like Phoebe Bridgers. She’s gearing up to release her debut full-length, Awake Sleeper, in February, and one of the best representations of her signature storytelling is her airy new single “Lucid Dreaming,” a thoughtful track that explores memories and maturation through the lens of public transport. Like much of Awake Sleeper, the song draws inspiration from her experiences living in New York City, and she interestingly recorded the project in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic swept up the world. You can connect with Amy Jay on Facebook, Instagram, and her website

I somehow ended up in the front subway car on the A express train zooming down Manhattan on my way to work, and was mesmerized by the prisms that were forming out of the double paned window of the train door. As I was in some sort of hypnotic, half-asleep, morning commute state, I also picked up the smells of sunscreen and cigarettes, which was probably someone on their way to the beach. But it brought me straight back to a specific, vivid just-like-yesterday memory of a childhood pool party in Miami Lakes where I grew up. Contrasting that past memory with the current state of my mind asking ‘am I really an adult’ and ‘what is truth, does it even exist’ is what brought me to write this song. It was a strange train ride.

Amy Jay

The Aquadolls

For energetic rock by three of the most talented women in the game, look no further than The Aquadolls. This trio is constantly pushing themselves to deliver intriguing songs, thought-provoking lyrics, and stunning visuals, and we can’t get enough of their artistry. Their single “Disappearing Girl” is the perfect example, which fans of Gwen Stefani will absolutely adore. The Aquadolls manage to be boundary-pushing and refreshing while still staying true to their roots and making music any rock fan can enjoy, finding the perfect balance while still learning more about their craft every day. Get to know the group on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website!

Coi Leray

After blowing up on TikTok with songs like “TWINNEM” and “BIG PURR (Prrd),” Coi Leray is set to prove she’s more than just a viral rapper. Her latest single, “Medicine,” digs deeper than ever before, letting fans into her personal world and admitting her struggles with depression and anxiety. As hip-hop is starting to be more open with mental health discussion, Leray continues to make waves while refusing to gloss over what she’s dealing with behind the scenes. Her honesty and vulnerability will propel her further than ever in 2022, especially as she prepares to release her debut album. Join the ride and link up with Coi Leray on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her official site!

[‘Medicine’] is strictly for my fans. When I go in the booth and vent, just know I’m speaking from the heart and I meant every word in the song. Hope everyone has a great holiday and gets everything they ever dreamed of. This new year is going to be one of the biggest years of my life. I feel it. My album is going to be one of the biggest female artist albums in the world, I can promise you that.

Coi Leray

Flower Face

Flower Face has become one of our favorite artists thanks to her hard work, ambitious spirit, and undeniable strength. Between getting a degree in fine art, defeating cancer in her late teens, and creating an immersive world all her own, Ruby McKinnon rises to any challenge she faces and is never scared of being vulnerable. Her latest single, “Back to You,” is the perfect example, showing off her polished DIY style ahead of her upcoming Nettwerk Records debut. Dive into the world of Flower Face on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her website!

It’s about being unable to get over someone – something so frustratingly typical and universal that somehow manages to feel like a singular experience, like this longing and sadness is something that you yourself invented. Especially when it comes to your first love, someone who was with you at a pivotal time in your life. It’s hard to imagine the ache will ever subside.

Flower Face

Renee Blair

One of the most promising new voices in country music is Renee Blair, who released her debut Seventeen in November and has a strong talent for combining classic country sounds with flashy pop sensibilities. In just three years of making music, Blair has already received cosigns from the likes of fellow country star Kane Brown (who co-wrote her latest single, “Turn Up the Night”) and prolific songwriter Diane Warren. And if she keeps going, she’ll be at their level in no time. Get to know Renee Blair on Instagram, TikTok, and her official website!

I would describe this album as a peek under the hood of my life, there isn’t one song I haven’t lived. I share the good and the bad, my fears, mistakes, and all the love I’ve experienced. I grew up in St. Louis, obsessed with Nelly and Shania Twain at the same time, so I hope people can hear my influences on both ends of the musical spectrum.

Renee Blair

Who are some of your favorite women in music at the moment? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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