Cardi B is currently fighting a legal battle in a Georgia federal courtroom, between her and a popular blogger named Tasha K, who she accuses of slandering her name. Tasha K who runs an online gossip blog with at least a million followers is accused of posting videos stemming back from 2018, claiming Cardi the female emcee had STDs and was a former prostitute.

Cardi gave an emotional testimony to jurors Thursday, January 13th according to sources, stating that she was left “extremely suicidal” due to all the fake stories and lies posted by Tasha K. Cardi also stated that she felt only a demon could do those types of things to her, initially apologizing to the judge for her use of language in court that morning. Cardi B is represented in the trial by Lisa F. Moore and William A. Pequignot of the law firm Moore Pequignot LLC and by Gary P. Adelman and Sarah M. Matz of Adelman Matz PC. Tasha K. is represented by Sadeer Sabbak and Olga Izmaylova of Sabbak & Izmaylova PC.

According to a report by Law360, Tasha K. told jurors that she knowingly published lies about the rapper to generate money for her business- which could be devastating to her case! Sources inside the courtroom say it is not looking good for Tasha K.’s defense, so we sincerely hope Cardi gets the outcome she’s looking for.

“I felt defeated and depressed, and I didn’t want to sleep with my husband.”

Cardi B

Being famous seems to be taking its toll on Cardi B. She has been seen online saying how she sometimes wishes she wasn’t Famous, and we see many celebrities agreeing nowadays. We hope more factual positive news can be spread to prevent defamation cases like these and to also help celebrities maintain their mental health!

Stay tuned, this trial is said to resume on January 18, 2022. We will keep you updated, and we wish both parties a fair trial.

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Article by Jamaila Robinson

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