“Oh My God,” Adele looks fantastic in her new music video! She delivered a black and white masterpiece for her latest single, “Oh My God,” after the track has gained traction on both streaming services and TikTok. And just like the song, the video’s stunning fashion looks have gained traction online. LoveTheSales even analyzed the most popular pieces that buyers are buzzing about! And lucky for you, we know exactly how you can emulate the video’s sleek looks.

Let’s take a closer look at the outfits in the video and how you can steal Adele’s style at home!

Brocade Print

According to LoveTheSales, there was a 316% increase in buyer interest in brocade print clothes in the hours after Adele dropped “Oh My God,” so it’s safe to say this regal Louis Vuitton look was one of the most popular styles from the video. A small luxury brand that has mastered the sophisticated brocade look is Theia, and their Freya Draped Cocktail Dress and Maggie Strapless Gown let you recreate Adele’s glamour while supporting a line that hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves yet. 

Black Leather Gloves

LoveTheSales reported a 170% increase in demand for black leather gloves after the video release, and with how versatile these gloves can be, everyone who was searching will definitely get quite a lot of use out of them! Try out warm options from brands like QECEPEI or Les Debutantes to get the chic Louis Vuitton look without the price tag. 

Polka Dot Tops

Interest in polka dot tops doubled after Adele shined in a polka dot blouse by British-American designer Harris Reed, who called Adele “incredibly magnificent, talented, supportive, and probably the funniest person [he’s] ever met.” While Reed’s polka dot top is sold out, Express and ASOS have affordable dupes that will feel right at home in your closet!

Black Corset Tops

One of the most iconic looks from the video was a red corset gown by Vivienne Westwood, but thanks to both the black and white filter and the versatility of black clothes, black corset tops saw a 78% increase in demand following the video release. You can channel the dramatic glamour with budget-friendly options from Abercrombie & Fitch and Manière De Voir.

Pearl Drop Earrings

Demand for pearl drop earrings went up 77% thanks to the stunning pair Adele wore in the “Oh My God” music video and teasers! She wore a Harris Reed x Missoma serpent ear cuff, which features a snake wrapping around her ear as pearls dangle down. If you want the elegance without the serpentine feel, you can check out Ariana Rabbani’s Long Hand Wrapped Pearl Earrings, which come in three shades of gold. 

What’s your favorite look from the “Oh My God” video? Are you going to replicate these outfits at home? Let us know in the comments below or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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