Coming from the dark, muddy rivers of Pittsburgh’s three rivers, I always wanted to experience greater bodies of water. Even residing in Chicago, Illinois for a year and experiencing their beautiful lakefront, nothing beats the Atlantic ocean that I now live by in Far Rockaway Queens, New York!

Being a born and raised “east sider” my whole life, I never knew New York had a town that sat on the real-life Atlantic Ocean! But here I am, and it is funny most new yorkers seem to frown when I say I moved to the Rockaways, but they must not know what a gem they have!

Rockaway beach runs from Beach 3rd street to Beach 153rd st., located on the Rockaway peninsula in southern Queens. It even has its own legal Surfing beach between Beach 67 and 69th streets! Rebuilt after superstorm Sandy hit in 2012, the town is nothing compared to the outdated images provided on google. With many beautiful playgrounds for the kids, and a magnificent 5.5-mile boardwalk. Rockaway beach is a great family town for anyone with children- in my opinion!

[Rockaway Beach – image via the New York times]

Being here in just a short four months, I cannot complain! For this beach to be located within a city, it is very accessible, clean, and a vacation right at home! Also said to be a hotspot during the summer months and holidays- with music, bars, and family activities. I cannot wait to find my favorites, and experience what the Rockaways have!

Thank you for reading!

My relaxing day at Rockaway Beach

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