Who doesn’t love spending a day by the ocean during the sunny season? The perfect beach day can feel so freeing, and ultimately healing. And now’s a great time to get planning so you’re ready to hit the beach as soon as the weather is hot enough! Here are some essentials to make your day on the sand the best yet. 

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ALOHA Collection Paradise on Repeat Reversible Tote ($50)

First off, you need a nice bag to keep all your must-haves in! ALOHA Collection has you covered in that department – this Native Hawaiian-owned brand makes the cutest totes and pouches that are waterproof to protect what’s inside from splashes. The reversible Paradise on Repeat tote in particular screams summer to us, with bright flowers on one side and a lavender and white negative of the pattern on the other side. You can also find additional colors and styles on Amazon! 

(c) ALOHA Collection

Ecobeachie Ocean Caster Flying Disc ($12.99)

Is it really a beach day if you don’t play frisbee by the water? We think not! And thanks to Ecobeachie, you can have fun while doing good for the environment. Each of their products repurposes plastic waste to make something for families to enjoy, and we love their mission to clean up our oceans in a playful way. Every frisbee also comes with a QR code that you can scan to see just where the material for your disc came from! And it’s canine-approved by adorable dogs like Modesto.

(c) Ecobeachie

Larkly SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen ($32)

If you’re heading out for a day on the sand, you should never forget sunscreen! But you should also never forget that you have to reapply it every two hours, and Larkly is by your side to make that easier than ever. No one likes that feeling of rubbing greasy sunblock between your hands, so Larkly created what might just be one of the best inventions ever: a powder sunscreen with a simple applicator brush. It’s light, mess-free, and ready to keep you safe throughout your day!


Larkly takes Marbella! Best travel buddy to keep you protected from those harmful UV rays 🧳 ☀️🕶️ #spf #livelarkly #larklysuncare #fypシ #larklylove

♬ Very Few Friends – Saint Levant

Mabi Swimwear Eliana Nude One-Piece ($199.68)

Whether you’ll be swimming or just lounging in the sun, Mabi Swimwear will have you looking and feeling amazing! Not only are their bathing suits gorgeous, but they’re sustainable – each one is made from biodegradable fabric, and Mabi pledges to plant a tree for each item purchased. On top of that, you can plant your own tree thanks to the seeds that come on the tags. Our personal fave is the elegant Eliana Nude one-piece!

MABI, her brand, is elegance and sensuality combined, offering styles that easily complement all body shapes. Most importantly, Maristela desires to reignite our appreciation of quality, ethical swimwear made with integrity, to make people fall in love with her beautiful designs and the wonders of our planet Earth again and again.

Maristela Soares, Founder & Designer of MABI
(c) Mabi Swimwear

Which of these products are you adding to your cart? Do you have any fun beach days planned for this summer? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

By Madison Murray
Featured Image: Design by Madison Murray for TREMG

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