Now that the weather is slowly heating up, so should your playlist! We at TREMG love spotlighting rising and underappreciated talent to give underground creators a platform and the recognition they deserve. Luckily, there’s been no shortage of amazing new music in the past few months, so we have plenty of suggestions to refresh your rotation. Get your favorite playlist open, because you’ll be making some additions really soon.

Die Tired – “Better Off Alive”

Sometimes when you’re going through a hard time, all you need is just one person to tell you it’ll be worth it. And Die Tired are stepping up to the plate to be that person for you with “Better Off Alive,” reminding you that you’re “worth it in the end” and don’t have to give up when things get tough. You’re never alone in what you’re going through and you deserve support, whether it’s from someone close to you or from a band as inspiring as Die Tired. “Better Off Alive” captures a mix of hope and frustration perfectly, encouraging the listener to push through their hardships while giving them high-octane, immersive guitar riffs that match the intensity of those difficult feelings. Learn more about Die Tired on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website

‘Better Off Alive’ is about raising awareness of these serious concerns in our society and highlighting the available resources in our communities to those in need.

Bassist Jim Lee

John Bentley – “Crossing Bridges”

One of the hardest parts of young adulthood is growing apart from the people and life you once knew, but now you have John Bentley’s “Crossing Bridges” to comfort you through it! “Crossing Bridges” acknowledges the difficult side of growing up while also finding melancholic peace with the idea that things will always change. The lyrics touch on so many different facets of these feelings and John’s vocals match that energy in such a beautiful way, and as the song wraps up, it feels like you’re looking over your shoulder as you cross your own bridge to a better future, being grateful for what was and being hopeful for what will be. Build a bridge with John by following him on Instagram

J0VANNA – “Stupid Face”

Looking for a feel-good, playful love song? We’ve got you! “Stupid Face” is a sweet dose of fun that sounds like that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling in musical form. It’s bubbly and upbeat while also having a kind message, celebrating a partner of five years and the connection J0VANNA has with them. Deep down, everyone wants this kind of love in their life! If you’ve found it, “Stupid Face” will remind you of that special person, and if not, it’ll give you hope for finding them. If you fell for “Stupid Face,” get more J0VANNA on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and her website

I wanted this song to be completely different from the other two singles I’ve released. I wanted it to be quirky and light-hearted, and one that can make you smile or laugh when you listen to it. If you have that someone who you can be silly with, then hopefully you can relate to this song.


Mabean – “Twilight”

To describe Mabean’s work so far in one word: refreshing. “Twilight” is the perfect example of this, detailing the thrill of a past love over an airy instrumental that mirrors the magic of the lyrics. Meanwhile, his vocals encapsulate the emotions of the story so well, truly taking you with him on this journey looking back at lost romance. As the “dancing silhouette fades away” when someone leaves your life, it doesn’t necessarily take the memories, and you can cherish the good times together regardless of how things ended. Let Mabean bring more light into your life on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

When the twilight falls, I hope people listen to my music and feel comfort and chilling through the message in it.


Nessa P – “LIFE”

We love it when artists combine the best of multiple genres for one unique, immersive experience, and that’s exactly what Nessa P does on “LIFE!” It’s a sleek fusion of electronic and indie pop, describing the thrill of summer love and the importance of living life for what it is. To use the chorus’ lyrics a bit, this track is something special and a lot of fun. The production matches the adrenaline of the story while Nessa’s vocals capture the effortlessly cool emotion in the lyrics. If you’re ready to be a Nessa P fan for life, get to know her on Instagram

TiffMarie – “Sex In Atlanta”

No playlist is complete without a fun late-night anthem, and TiffMarie delivers just that with “Sex In Atlanta.” Even with a lighthearted concept, she offers depth to the story with how she tells it through her lyrics and stunning vocals. The harmonies add a gorgeous atmosphere and a little bit of elegance, while the powerful bass keeps the energy up and the story moving. There’s truly something for everyone on this track and it’s so mesmerizing! Whether you’re from Atlanta or elsewhere, get to know TiffMarie on Instagram and TikTok

Watermelon Rattlesnake – “Wild Night”

Okay, one more late-night anthem, but in a bit of a different direction this time! “Wild Night” is an electropop-rock dreamland about making memories with someone special, choosing to seize every day and night you’re given in this life. This is the perfect soundtrack for summer evenings with friends or a partner, whether it’s at a rooftop party or driving down the highway with your windows down. It deserves that kind of place in your life! Get more Watermelon Rattlesnake on Instagram.

Which of these songs is your favorite? Who are some rising artists on your radar? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

By Madison Murray
Featured Image: Courtesy of Mabean via Groover

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