Once in a blue moon, an artist comes along that is truly refined in their craft, taking note of how every word in their lyrics, chord in their instrumentals, and song in their discography will resonate with fans worldwide. And for this generation of rappers, Wale is the real deal when it comes to creating an immersive world for fans to get lost in. This year, he’ll be taking the stage with the Under A Blue Moon Tour, jumping right back into the musical world he experienced with fans pre-pandemic while celebrating how far both he and his listeners have come since then.

“I’m passionate about what I do,” Wale explains. “I get up and I go to work.” The Under A Blue Moon Tour is the perfect opportunity to see Wale’s passion for his work, stopping in cities like New York, Memphis, and San Diego over the next two months. It’s a victory lap looking at the artist he was, the superstar he is, and the legend he’s becoming.

The tour follows the massive success Wale encountered with his latest album, 2021’s Folarin II. The project shot to #22 on the Billboard 200 and #12 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums chart, as well as boasting features with artists like Rick Ross (who was also the album’s co-executive producer) and J. Cole. The project has earned over 54 million streams on Spotify and the best is yet to come.

Where Wale’s music truly shines is in his ability to make personal experiences feel universal, thanks in part to his clever references and one-liners. For example, Folarin II sees references to CashApp, Pepsi, LaCroix, actress Phylicia Rashād, basketball star Bam Adebayo, and New Balance shoes in just its first track, ‘New Balances.’ Something uniquely personal to Wale becomes universally relatable as fans connect their own memories and feelings to the thoughts he conveys in his lyrics. 

And as any concert lover knows, live music has the power to make our connections to a certain song feel even stronger. After a trying few years for the entertainment industry, Wale is more ready than ever to reunite with fans across the country and celebrate how far he’s come since his 2005 mixtape Paint a Picture

Be sure to grab your tickets for Wale’s Under A Blue Moon Tour on his official website, and link up with Wale on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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