For decades, she took an interest in the Georgia community, and investigated the 2020 election. Now, Taylor urges the people to take a vested interest in electing a candidate that will serve their interests, at the upcoming Freedom Rally in Liberty County.

Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor will headline an upcoming event called the Freedom Rally that will take place on Saturday, February 12 from 1 pm to 4 pm. The event will be hosted by the 17 South Rod and Gun Club. The address for the event is 5899 N Coastal Hwy in Fleming, which is a Georgia town nestled in Liberty County, and a stone’s throw away from Chatham County.

“As Americans, we lead busy lives. We’re at ball games, school concerts, feeding our families, packing lunches for the next day. We don’t have time for things like politics, fundraising dinners and the like,” says Taylor. “But now, because the people the establishment elected didn’t do their jobs, we have no choice. And we have millions of people in Georgia who can come together and give a little money to get a real person elected.”

Grassroots Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor

Taylor has first-hand experience with Georgia’s problems and the needs of her home state’s people. She is a south Georgia native that spent twenty years working in the school system, as both a teacher and as an administrator. She served as a homeless liaison, and fought against human sex trafficking, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

And though she has yet to take an oath of office, Taylor has already been serving the people of Georgia by investigating the electoral fraud that took place in Georgia last year. She saw how concerned the people of Georgia were about their rights and took it upon herself to pull tabulator tapes, make Open Records Requests and track down chain of custody documents. “And I would have examined the absentee ballots but they wouldn’t give us access to them,” notes Taylor. In 2020, Taylor also ran for Congress in Georgia.

The Freedom Rally event will also feature a variety of other speakers, including Dr. Bryan Ardis of the Dr. Ardis show, lieutenant governor candidate Zoe Warren, congressional candidate Surrea Ivey and Fallback USA vendor Lucretia Hughes. Local radio station WUCC 99.9 FM will also be present at the event.

The event will offer vendors, snacks and drinks, and there will be items up for auction. There is no cost for the event, but donations are greatly appreciated. Donations for items to auction at the event are also welcome. On the following day, Sunday February 13, Taylor will headline another event in Bryan County. The venue for that event is Lucy Belle Farm in Pembroke, Georgia, which is also close to Chatham County.

“We’re going to have different because we’re going to do different, by supporting people that will not be bought off, choose morality over money and put Georgia first,” stated Taylor regarding her movement for freedom.

For more details about this event please check out the flyer below. For details about the upcoming event in Bryan County, click here to view the flyer on Kandiss Taylor’s Facebook page.

For more information on the campaign or either of the two events mentioned above, please contact Kandiss Taylor’s campaign scheduler, Christi Maude. Her email is and her phone number is 912 312 4091.

For more information about Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor online, please visit

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