Our Top 7 “men-approved” Valentine’s Day Gifts have arrived!

1. Earbuds/Electronics

Studio Buds by Beats $149.99 [beatsbydre.com]

As women we must admit, sometimes Men just need to block us out lol! These sexy red earbuds by Beats would make a perfect gift for your beau! Stylish and with noise cancellation features he will definitely appreciate these beauties when he needs to tune everyone out!

2. Beard Wash and Balm

Debonair Beard Collection by sheadbodybutter.com

Beard care has been on the rise, and Men are loving it! New products like beard oils, beard balms and beard washes have arrived, and will have your man’s face even yummier than before. A must have for every man with facial hair! Purchase Shea’d Body Butter’s all natural “Debonair” Beard Collection now- He won’t be disappointed!

3. Fragrances for Men

Toy Boy by Moschino.com [$96.00]

Cologne is an all time classic gift for men, but it never gets old! And what women doesn’t like her man smelling good?! If you are a man or have a man that is not into cologne or fragrances yet, it is time! So many powerful and subtle scents to choose from. Check out “Toy Boy” by Moschino which is packaged in an adorable teddy bear bottle perfect for Valentines Day!

4. Spa Days Matter

Don’t let your man fool you and act like he does not want to be pampered! Yes the idea sounds a little “too girly” too them at first, but once you ease them into the spa idea- they will always want to go back! Spa days or even just simple pedicure’s for your man is needed. I mean let’s be serious ladies, we all have done a man’s pedicure before… and didn’t want to do it! So let’s leave it to the professional’s this year, and book that spa day or pedicure for him! Getting him there is only the hardest part!

5. Sneakers and shoes

Men are “sneakerheads” by nature. I don’t know any man in life who doesn’t enjoy a new pair of shoes! Whether Jordans or Alexander McQueens go get your honey some fly kicks to step out in, he will forever be grateful! Check your local malls for the shoe selections in your area. This will be a gift worth your money!

6. Smoke Products

If your honey likes to smoke, Cuban cigars are always a favorite for men! Whether luxury cuban cigars or Backwood cigars you know what your man likes if paying attention. Go out and grab the freshest cigars you can find, and put a bow on them! If your man smokes on the regular this will also save him money! A win-win situation!

7. Top Shelf Liquors

Deleon Tequila deleontequila.com

Just like women love their wine, men love their spirits! Having to cover the tab most of the time when it comes to drinks, men love being gifted drinks as well. Go out and grab your lover a fancy, masculine, Top shelved liquor! Look for brands that come packaged in beautiful gift boxes like “Deleon” does (pictured above). Visit your local wine and spirts stores to view their top liquor selections.

We hope you enjoyed. Good luck with gifting, and Happy Valentines Day 2022!

Thank you for reading!

Article by Jamaila Robinson

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